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it was symbolic of a good meal

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Q: Why was it polite for Romans to burp after eating?
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Is burping in Cuba polite?

In certain Asian countries it is considered an insult to the cook if you don't burp after eating a meal.

What country is it that it is polite to burp?


In what country is it polite to burp at the table?

In Italy and not Bahrain

Is it polite to burp after a meal?

Whoever replied before me doesn't know what the hell they're talking about. It is considered polite to burp during or after meals in some places in the world. I believe Italy is one, China, India, Russia...

What is an example sentence with polite?

She was polite as she dismissed him. It is polite to hold the door for others.

Why does one burp after eating a sumptuous amount of food?

because we eat fastly and we just go..... BURP!

Do you burp after eating a curry?

yes, because of the spices in it.

Did the Romans eat a lot?

If they were rich enough, yes. At dinner parties, if someone was full up, it was polite to make them-self sick and carry on eating on their newly empty stomach.

Can you give one word for sound given from mouth after eating food?

After eating food? Perhaps a burp?

What does behaving professionally mean?

It means to act civilly and not allow your personal feelings or attitudes get in the way of your work or offend anyone. It means being very polite and don't burp or bottom burp in front of everyone.

What is a burp?

A burp is when you have an ''air bubble'' in your stomach cause from eating fastly or drinking carbonation. It is nothing bad just air coming from your stomach to your mouth. :-)

Do you burp if you have ulcer?

Burping has nothing to do with ulcer. You swallow the air, while eating the food. This air comes out when you burp, usually when you drink a water after food.