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He stares at you for long periods of time and loves to watch you do things in front of him.

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Q: Signs he's waiting on me to say i love you?
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How do i make him say hes love you?

toss him off

How can I say in French I'm waiting for you my love?

"je t'attends, mon amour"

How do you say no matter what I love you and I am waiting fo you?

Just like that! be genuine... if that's what you want to say, just say it!.... beautiful!

What to do when you love someone and they say they love you but their with another girl?

Well then hes a git he wants what he cant have.. if he did love you he would brake up with the other girl and come to you =]

How will you know if your girlfriend don't love you?

Does she give attention to you, does she say and act love. Does she call to check on you. Those are the signs.

Is ashfur from warriors a boy or girl?

ashfur from warrior cats is a boy even though some people say hes a girl and that hes in love with scourge hes not and hes also not a boy fancying boy cat.( :

Is ther any indication a man loves you if hes asking if an ex loved you?

maybe. hes prolly in the process of fallingin love with you. but most men are scaared to say i love you cuz they dont wanna be tied down or there just afraid you dont love them.

How do you say you are waiting?

"I am waiting".

How do you say hes perfect french?

you say il est parfait in french to say hes perfect

What do you say to a boy when he says 'you love me'?

Tell him straight say yes i do if you really care about him your be confident your know what to say your be like yes i do love you .. if he cares he wont laugh at you but you have to certain you love him if you dont then dont go for him ..... make sure hes not a player tho ..... good luck !! ;)

Why she says she doesnt love you but still shows all signs of love?

because she is to scared and doesn't think it is time to say that she loves u

How do you say waiting to meet you in Spanish?

How do you say waiting to meet you in spanish?