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Q: How many farts can a person do in a day?
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How many times does a prerson fart?

the average person farts 14 times a day!

How much does a average person farts?

the average amount of farts people do is 50 per day

how many times should a person fart in a day?

it depends on your diet if you eat loads probably around 10-40 farts a day but if your a healthy eater then around 1-15 farts a day.

The average person does this 90 times a day?


How many farts can a person make in a year?

the more you eat the more farts try not to eat so much for less farts.

What does the average person do 14 times a day?

Flatulance or (Breaks winds or farts)

How much a person fart in a day?

Well, since the average is 14 farts a day.......365x14.And the answer to that is 5110 farts a year. well i don't know about 14 farts a day but my research has indicated 7 farts a day. some reliable sources also agree with me. if you do that math that would be like 2555. As you can see this number is correct.

How many farts in a day?

Average is 14 times a day. Men AND women.

How many farts per day are made on earth?


How many farts should a 53 year old do?

An average 53 year old man should have a little over 20 farts a day.

How many farts does an average man have per day?

my husband says he has a solid 20

How many farts can the average person swallow before he dies?

Oddly enough, there have been no studies on this.