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Ok; most if not all girls prefer tall guys..You do not see very many tall girl with short men. It just does not happen!! So your question is mute,(Men don't care much) The real question is do girls prefer tall or short men?

not really i like this hot guy who is the same height as me but he doesn't like me. most people same guys like short girls because this is goning to sound so so wrong but they "want to try that" i hope that doesn't offend anyone

wait so your saying that short girls are easy??? (don't worry it doesn't affend me cuz im tall)

i would say the same height or just maybe 1 to 2 inches away because it really gets hard when it comes to kissing but I'm just saying +

OK, I am 4'10, and my boyfriend is 5'5, but keep in mind we are only 13, lol :) But I am happy, because his personality is so sweet and nice.

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mostly guys prefer ll girls but i like medium sized girls

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Q: Do guys prefer short or tall girls?
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Do girls like smaller guys?

Honestly, some girls do prefer taller guys. If you are short, let your personality be tall! Girls love caring guys with great, funny personalities. Make her laugh, treat her right & size won't be a factor!

Do black guys prefer white tall girls or white short girls?

Well it is not black guys in general. Most likely they each have a different preference. If they are tall they could like tall girls. If they are shorter they could go either way. Maybe they like big boobs or big butts. Or maybe they like black girls. Who knows.

Why tall guys like short girls so much?

Short girls are like 'teddy bears' lol ur "fun sized"!

Do tall girls attract guys?

i think it doesnt matter how tall or short you are it matters what kind of person you are on the inside

Who do girls prefer tall short guys?

Well I prefer to date tall guys because I'm pretty small. I'm 5'3", and I prefer to date guys over 6'. I feel like if I ever have children, that will balance them out. Also, tall guys tend to naturally command presence because they tower over others, and that's attractive to me. I also feel like tall guys are stronger and take care of me better (in a very primal way, I understand), but on a physical attraction level, that's sexy. I guess if I was taller it wouldn't matter as much. It's all about preference.

Do girls like tall or short guys?

We like and prefer short girls. This is because we can easily pick you up while having sex or have the girl bend over while standing up so we can nail you from behind! Us guys love to nail a girl in that position! We get a nice view of your booty!

Why do tall girls date love and adore short guys what type of chemistry makes this happen?

Tall girls do not date or love only short guys. They might be with a person of any height, and it occurs the same way every other kind of relationship does.

Is it normal to be more attracted to tall guys than short guys?

Yes, it is very normal to be attracted to taller guys. It is common for girls to be attracted to guys that are taller as they can sometimes feel safe with someone tall.

Do boys like tall girls or short girls?

Preferences for height vary among individuals. Some boys may prefer tall girls, while others may prefer short girls. It ultimately depends on personal preference and compatibility between the individuals.

Is it shallow of you to prefer tall guys?

Not as long it is a preference. If you flat out refuse to go out with short guys, then you shouldn't get offended by a man refusing to go out with obese women.

Do short girls like tall guys because the girl i like is about 4'7 and I'm 5'10?

Sorry dude you aint tall enough

Do guys like tall athletic girls or short artistic girls?

Well you know, I mean the way you describe it sounds like they like tall (hey i didn't know all short chicks are artsy). heh, but anyway If you're tall, be proud! Not alot of people can say that. Short? No problem. guys think it's cute. ask a non- modest guy.