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Yes, it is very normal to be attracted to taller guys.

It is common for girls to be attracted to guys that are taller as they can sometimes feel safe with someone tall.

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2014-12-07 19:37:26
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Q: Is it normal to be more attracted to tall guys than short guys?
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Why are Guys so attracted to Girls Butt's?

well, guys are attracted to girls butts because their hormones know that a baby comes from underneath the butt and that's why the bigger the butt is the more attracted the guys are....I know, its wierd!

What if you are attracted to girls more than guys?

if you are a girl and you like girls more than guys. go ahead and date girls. sometimes guys even think it is hot

What do you do when you are attracted to other guys more than you are your boyfriend?

It's ok to be attracted to other guys it's natural, but to a extent. If you wanted something more like a relationship with other guys then it means your relationship is not working for you. There is no spark, you can either fix this or break it off with your current boyfriend. But if you only find the other guys attracted and you couldn't see yourself dating them then it's ok it's only natural.

What does it mean when the wrong guys are attracted to a girl?

it may mean that the girl is attracting the wrong type herself by what she is doing/saying or wearing. generally guys are attracted at first by the way the girl looks and if she is sending the wrong messages then the wrong guys will notice her more than the right guy

Teenage boys - Are you attracted to girls with green blue brown or black eyes more?

guys do not care about eye color

Are girls attracted to guys who haven't started to physically mature yet?

it depends,if puberty hasn't started they are more sensitive and girls tend to like sensitive guys better

How do you flirt with cute guys?

In all honesty, guys are more attracted to girls who don't seem very into them. It works for me all the time. Just act nice, friendly, but not that interested.

Why are guys naturally atracted to breasts?

Guys are attracted to the female form, breasts are just a part of it. the reason so much is made of them is as a result of media hype, and they are the easiest to show off. the fact is however that guys are much more attracted to having sex when it comes right down to it and when it happens are not all that concerned with the breasts.

Why do guys find chubby girls attractive?

It really depends on the girls personality. Size doesn't matter to some guys which I don't think size should matter, the girl may have an attractive face but curves on her body, some guys like a girls curves -- I wouldnt say that guys were attracted to chubby girls, that they just liked their personality or other stuff, and some guys are attracted to more skinny girls

Do girls like Blonde or Bernnet guys more?

it honestly depends on the guy not the color of the hair but sometimes im more attracted to people with darker hair.

Why are woman attracted to men with head lice?

woman arent, lice are attracted to them cause most girls wash there hair more then guys, its easier for lice to hop in some CLEAnn hairr. mmkayyy.

Why do girls dress like guys to make other girls like them?

Its an attraction thing. If girls look like guys, then the other girl may be more attracted sexually to the first girl.

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