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Well it is not black guys in general. Most likely they each have a different preference. If they are tall they could like tall girls. If they are shorter they could go either way. Maybe they like big boobs or big butts. Or maybe they like black girls. Who knows.

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Q: Do black guys prefer white tall girls or white short girls?
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Do black guys prefer white girls or black girls?

Colour has nothing to do with it. It is the individual and their attitude towards other people.Now they would be nicer to White girls if that is what they prefer, but that is specific to them and doesn't reflect on their entire race. Many people are nicer to people of their own culture or ethnic background, but we are all different.

Why white guys call black girls ugly?

This is a bit of a loaded question. Not all white guys think black girls are ugly. There are probably some white guys that do not find black girls attractive, just like there are some that do not find red heads attractive, or girls that are tall, or girls that are short. Different people are attracted to different things. There are plenty of interracial relationships throughout the world. There are white guys that are only attracted to white girls. There are white guys that have no racial preference, and just go for the girls they happen to like. There are also white guys that are only attracted to black girls. To say that all white guys think all black girls are ugly is just false. It is an over generalization.

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no he does not he like all girls for who they are no he does not he like all girls for who they are

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white obviously

Do white girls like in shape muscular educated black guys?

Answer 1Some white girls do, some don't. There are quite a lot of white girls and they do not all have the same opinions on any given subject. It's a diverse population.Answer 2It depends on the girl, although typically girls prefer muscular men to wimpy men and educated men to uneducated men. Whether or not a white girl prefers black men, sees all mean equally regardless of race, or prefers to not be with black men has more to do with that girl in particular than anything else.

Why do white girls like black guys?

Everyone has their own preference too what they find sexy. Not all white girls like black men just like not all black men like white girls.