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Seriously, you need to tell someone. I've been bullied LOTS of time because i was Asian.they hunt me down in grups or packs and its not like ordinary bullies they're dangerous,one of them got expelled from school for bringing weed and a gun to school,but it stopped when i did this it might helped u.

ordinary bullying:

If it just ordinary bullying then just get over it or ignore them,but if they get on your nerves then tell your teacher or someone u trust,don't let the bully know that your telling on him/her or it just get worse.tell the adult to keep an eye on u so they can protect u from ever being picked on.

Compettitive bullying:

compeettive bullying is bullies that actually try to beat u up or fight the same thing tell an adult or someone you trust to keep an eye on you so whenever a bully is about to fight you they can stop it so u don't look like a wimp.but don't let the bully know that your telling on him/her or the bully will beat u up becuz ur a wimp.And if you have more than 2 friends,ask them to have your back so when the bully is about to fight you,you wont be alone.

illegal bullying:illegal fighting,or even certain murdering.

If you're dealing with these things you're in deep trouble,these bullyings mostly happens at a school in a bad nieghborhood like Chicago,some of these bullies might be future criminals and are extremly dangerous,these bullies bully in packs or groups you have no chance outrunning them,but try to avoid them if u can.Some students even got killed or got seriously injured.some of these bully might be even armed or might be carrying weapons.but heres some tip if u ever run into these bullies.tell every staff or teachers at your schools to keep an eye on you but don't let the bully know,if you got friends then tell them to NOT fight them but to keep an eye on u.also hide a camera in your shirt pocket and recode the whole thing and send it to the police.or u can sak the police to wire you and recond the whole thing then send it to the police,but let me warn u,the idea is extremly dangerous and u need to make a huge sacrifice so make a sacrifice and hope u will survive ansd send it to the police and the bully will get arrested or don't make a sacrifice and let them keep killing u its your choice.

if u got bullied leave a comment I might help

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Q: How do you defend yourself from a bully?
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Should you deafend your self if a bully trys to punch you i know karate?

Nothing says that you should allow yourself to be a punching bag. You should defend yourself, but you should not be aggressive.

What if a bully doesn't stop after you tell a grownup?

Make friends and they can defend you. If you haven't reported the bully to the principal yet, I believe you should if it is greatly scarring your life. And you can always stand up for yourself. (Maybe you can transfer schools)

can you fight back if someone hits you in school?

In my own opinion, If you can defend yourself then by all means fight back. Don't let anybody bully you in any way. I would take self defense classes in order to defend yourself. But then again it also depends on the situation. If it is on going bully type of situation, I would try to handle it before it goes worst. If it can be handled by talking. Then get help. If all fails then, defend at any means necessary.

How do you defend yourself from getting bullied or picked on?

tell the teacher or adult , ignore the bully or pretend you dont care if you have lots of friends get them all and stand in a group in the playground with them

Are weapons for wimps?

no, weapons are not for wimps if you or your friend is in a fight and there is someone stronger fighting against you you cant defend yourself. WEAPONS ARE FOR DEFENCE. SO NEVER LISTEN TO A BULLY.

What kind of injury will you get if you bully?

You may get any type of injury if you bully. Your victims may defend themselves or assault you back. Some bullies even get killed while bullying. So don't be a bully.

What are the release dates for Defend Yourself - 1925?

Defend Yourself - 1925 was released on: USA: 28 June 1925

Can you use the constitution to defend yourself?

You can not use the constitution to defend yourself in any way, shape, or form. Ridiculous right?

Does calling someone a loser make you feel better about yourself?

No, only if you are insecure about yourself and/or you are a bully.

What are some ways to torture yourself?

abuse yourself or make yourself look stupid in front of people to invite them to bully you.

What not to do to a bully?

Don't try to hit/fight back especially if you know he's much stronger than you otherwise he may seriously injure you, but remember if you're being bullied tell a teacher, parents or anyone else you know that will help to get of the bully.

Are you a Bully for hire?

Why would you want to hire a bully that just shows you have problems with yourself and the best way to fight is to walk away.