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elastic tissue

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Q: Torn ligaments involve damage to which tissue?
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What are torn ligaments in a foot?

Ligaments join bone to bone. Thus the foot has skeletal damage.

What type of tissue damage might you expect to find in a dislocated joint?

There are different types of tissue damages that might you expect to find in a dislocated joint. The most common include the muscle fiber tissue and the supporting connective tissue.

What happends when you sprain your ankle?

A sprained ankle is where one of the ligaments (tissue that connects bone to bone) of the ankle is torn or partially torn due to the ankle turning or twisting too far or in a way that is not natural.

Is it true or false that in a sprain the ligaments reinforcing a joint are excessively stretched or torn?

It is true! When too much force is applied to a ligament, such as in a fall, the ligaments can be stretched or torn; this injury is called a sprain-kj

What is the expected recovery period for torn knee cartilage?

It's around three months because the ligaments and the muscle tissue need time to rebuild and strengthen your knee.

What is the correct definition of a sprain?

An injury to either a muscle or the tissue that connects muscle to bone (Called a Tendon) -Apex

What tissue is torn when skinning animal?

The tissue that is torn when skinning animal is the connective tissue. This why you will hear a ripping sound when the connective tissue is being torn apart.

Who repairs torn ligaments and tendons?

An orthopedic surgeon

How do you treat and heal torn sacroiliac ligaments?


In a sprain are the ligaments reinforcing a joint are excessively stretched or torn?

Yes, this is true that when ligaments reinforcing a joint which are excessively stretched or torn a sprain occurs.

How do ligaments commonly get damaged?

Ligaments can commonly get damaged from a variety of different types of injuries. They can be torn by simply running and twisting the leg, but they can also be torn through participation in sports.

Do muscle relaxers help torn ligaments?

In cases where torn ligaments are continually being pulled and stressed by nearby muscles, preventing them from healing, it is helpful to relax the muscles for a while. It is the body's healing that actually helps the torn ligaments, but the muscle relaxers can reduce the stress and allow healing to take place.