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An injury to either a muscle or the tissue that connects muscle to bone (Called a Tendon) -Apex

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A torn ligament-apex

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A sprain is a stretched or torn ligament. Ligaments are tissues that attach bones at a joint. The Symptoms involve pain, swelling, and being helpless to move your joint. You might feel a burst or tear when the injury occurs.

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a stretching or tearing of a ligament

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Q: What is the correct definition of a sprain?
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What is the definition of sprain?

a sprain happens if a ligament is torn

How do you spell sprain?

That is the correct spelling of "sprain" (an over-stretched ligament or muscle).

What is the correct sentence to tel that my ankle got sprain?

i sprained my anckle ?

Is a sprained ankle and twisted ankle the same?

The definition of a sprain is the tearing or stretching of ligaments. Sprains are usually classified in severity from grade I through grade III. To answer your question a twisted ankle can result in a grade I through III sprain or no sprain at all depending on the severity of the trauma (twisting).

Can you sprain your pelvis?

Technically you can not sprain your pelvis it's self. You can sprain your hip however, this is because a sprain is located in a joint.

What is the correct spelling of definition?

You nailed it; it is definition, as you have in your question.

What is the definition of Emma?

The correct definition of Emma is Grandma.

Can you sprain your thumb bone?

A sprain is soft tissue damage. You cannot sprain a bone. You can sprain your thumb, just not the bone itself.

What is lumbar sprain?

A sprain of the lumbar vertebrata.

What is the definition of the word correct?

The definition of correct would be something that coincides with the truth and is free from error. Something that is factual and accurate would be correct.

What is the Hebrew word for sprain?

to sprain (verb) = naká (נקע) sprain (noun) = néka (נקע)

What is the most common injury in the U.S?

An ankle sprain

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