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Getting a piggyback ride may or may not be flirting. It is not wrong for 12 year olds to give each other piggyback rides.

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Q: Is getting a piggyback ride flirting And is it wrong for 12 year olds to give each piggyback rides?
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How do you get a boy to like you if you are both Christians and flirting is wrong?

dont flirt, just talk casually. if you think its wrong then ask a reverend, he'll give you good advice. if he says flirting is wrong then say 'we are at the age where both sexes can talk, even if it's wrong'

Is flirting with an ex boyfriend bad?

Yes, because if you do, it might give him the wrong idea.

Is it wrong to flirt a guy when in a relationship?

First ask yourself, If he was flirting with someone else would I like it? Most guys that have feelings for you will not like you flirting with someone else.

What did you do wrong when trying to flirt?

were you into flirting to hurt another person...female logic at work here

Flirting over texting?

nothing wrong with it

Is it wrong to flirt with someone you don't like?

Yes, it is wrong because then if the person you are flirting with likes you then you are just leading them on. This only makes the person like you more, and it's going to hurt them when they find out you don't really like them. So it's best not to flirt unless you know what your getting yourself into.

What is the corect way to flirt?

There is NOT a right or wrong way to flirt. It is based on your personality and experience. Flirting comes naturally for most people. Just talk to the boy or girl and if there is an attraction flirting happens.

When you are flirting with a guy that is dating someoone else is that bad?

It depends if he's flirting back or not. If he is then go ahead! If he feels there is nothing wrong with it then niether should you. Just don't go too far!

What is the difference between flirting and harassing?

Flirting is something that you like. You flirt to get people to notice you as a prospect. Harassing is something you do when you feel like you haven't a chance with that person, or you feel like they have done something wrong to you.

When was Getting it Wrong from the Beginning created?

Getting it Wrong from the Beginning was created in 2002.

A colleague I like has a girlfriend but smiles and winks at me when he sees me. Is it possible that he is not flirting with me but just being friendly Is he wrong to wink at me?

If your colleague's girlfriend is winking at you, it could jut be his way of being nice to you. It is also a good possibility that he is flirting with you.

What are some cheats for rides in Free Realms?

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