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Selecting a Bed-wetting or Enuresis Alarm

A bed-wetting or enuresis alarm will be used every night, sometimes more than once each night, for weeks and possibly much longer. The caregiver (parent) and patient (child) should consider several characteristics to identify a suitable alarm system:

1. Convenience: Is the alarm easy-to-use, including the wetness sensor being easy to attach and detach, and easy to clean and re-use?

2. Comfort: Is the alarm sensor small and light enough to be attached near the patient's point of urination and be comfortable?

3. Flexibility: Will the alarm accommodate movement and motion by the patient? Can it be used with different clothing and under different night-time and day-time conditions (for example, the child may be playing and moving around)?

4. Durability: The alarm is likely to be used many times. Is it designed and built to work satisfactorily time and again?

5. Reliability: It is important that the sensor senses the urine and sounds the alarm reliably every time a bed-wetting incident occurs. It is also important that false alarms not occur.

6. Effectiveness: Is the alarm effective in waking up the patient (child) and the caregiver (parent)? Is it loud enough, bright enough, vibrates enough, etc.? Can the parent be assured of being woken by the alarm when the child is woken, so the parent can verify that the child is awake and help in the clean-up and other procedures? Can the alarms be changed by the users to better suit them?

7. Warranty: The warranty offered suggests the minimum operating lifetime of the alarm system. Standard warranties on commonly used alarms can range from one year to one month. By definition, the user has no assurance that the alarm will work and be useful for a longer period of time.

8. Cost: The initial cost of the alarm system is not the only cost that should be considered. There may be continuing costs associated with using the alarm, including extra parts and supplies, special clothing, modifications to clothing, and disposable items. Apart from the money being continuously spent, add the extra time, effort and inconvenience, and the overall cost can be significant over time. The warranty also affects cost, as a shorter warranty may involve having to purchase the alarm more often.

Motivation and persistence are very important if alarm therapy is to be successful. Caregivers and patients are more likely to use the alarm system willingly and consistently if it is easy-to-use every time.

An excellent Comparison and Review Chart can be found by using the Related Link

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Q: How do you compare bedwetting alarms?
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