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if she looks at u all the time or is shy around u or likes to make fun of u.

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Q: I like this girl who i only see in one class she sits 3 sits to the right of me i think she likes me but the guy next to me thinks she likes him how can i tell if she likes me or him without asking?
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What does that mean if the guy you like always goes near you but only stares at you in a class?

it means he likes you but he's shy and doesn't want to show that he likes you. He only stares at you in class because he thinks nobody notices

Does Cece like Deuce?

No Cece doesnt like Deuce. he thinks she likes him in that episode. the only reason she kept asking why he didnt dig her was because she thinks shes pretty ( and she is) and that every1 should like her and want her for a girlfriend.She likes him as a friend but not as a boyfriend

How do you know if a guy likes you in fourth grade without asking him?

Go up to him and say hi. If he says hi without laughing or anything, he probably likes you. If he picks on you, he probably likes you. Ask around to see if he likes you.

How do you know what he really thinks about you without asking like a list or signs would be helpful?

Back away a bit EVEN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO! He will come around if he likes you. If a guy wants to spend time with you, he will do anything and everything to do so.

How do you find out if someone likes you without embarrassing yourself?

There is no embarrassment in asking questions, meeting up with someone you guess likes you and asking him/her few question and letting him/her know you like him/her as well.

How can you tell if a guy likes you without just asking him?

Vist this wikihow page: That should help, it did for me

If you are sitting with a girl you like just you and her in class and her friend infers that you are on a date does that mean she likes you?

It really is hard to say. The only way to get a true indication is by asking her if she likes you to.

Is it normal that your crush sends you a picture of him without you asking for it?

It is if he secretly likes you. He's trying to get you to chase him.

What does it mean when a girl ask if you can cook?

Either she likes you or she thinks you need some fattening up!

What if you told your guy friend that you liked someone in your class and he is in the same class and keeps asking who do you like repeatedly does that mean he likes her?

No it means he's nosy and wants to know who it is!

Theres this guy you really like and im not sure if he likes you back how do you know without asking him if he does?

If he stares at you, smiles and is really nice to you then he probably likes you.

I like a guy in my french class and one of my friends thinks he might like me but nobody else has said that what could this mean?

that he likes you you idiot ask him out