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I have had a problem falling asleep too.

1.make sure you dont eat too much before going to bed, this will make your digestive system work hard, thus, keeping you up

2. think about something that makes you happy

3. dont shower RIGHT before going to bed, this wakes up your mind and body

4. count sheep or for me, frogs

hope this helps!

The easiest way is to start imagining things that you like or think about how you want your life to be ahead of you, this may help as it always helps me!

Actually these days most of the time is spent without physical exercise and works are mostly mental. This does not make our body tired but mind does. In my opinion if you do light exercise before the night meals, like a brisk walk. It would certainly help. As it does for me.
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Q: How can you make yourself fall asleep?
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How do you make sleeping potions?

you cant really make sleeping potions. you can make someone (or yourself) fall asleep by watching a really boring boring movie late at night and you will fall asleep :)

What do you make yourself fall asleep?

Drink warm milk or tea or take sleeping pills

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Does meditation help you to fall asleep fast?

Some medications do help to improve your sleeping. There are sleeping pills you can take to sleep easier and quicker than you would without one. I might suggest seeing a doctor as well.

What are some of the best remedies to help one fall asleep?

Having a bedtime routine is one way to help yourself fall asleep. There are prescription medicines that your doctor can prescribe to help you fall asleep. You can also try natural herbs like Melatonin.

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Well, have you ever been in class and felt real drowsy and started to fall asleep? Then right before you do, your body kinda jerks and you catch yourself.

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Fall asleep is future tense Ex. I am going to fall asleep. Fell asleep is past tense Ex. I fell asleep.

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