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Q: How do you make people fall asleep?
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How do you make a rabbit fall asleep?

some people think if u fold the ears then twist them it'll make them fall asleep. but I've never tried it

What percentage of people live if they fall asleep while driving?

About 80% of people who fall asleep behind the wheel die.

What is a song that make you fall asleep?

Anything Coldplay.

Does honey make you fall asleep?

No, No, Most defenitly not.

How do you fall asleep at night?

some people listen to music or some people watch tv until like 9:30 ish and they usually fall asleep.

How do you make sleeping potions?

you cant really make sleeping potions. you can make someone (or yourself) fall asleep by watching a really boring boring movie late at night and you will fall asleep :)

What is the difference between fall asleep and fell asleep?

Fall asleep is future tense Ex. I am going to fall asleep. Fell asleep is past tense Ex. I fell asleep.

Why does Professor Layton Luke and Flora fall asleep in the carriage near the bridge on Diabolical Box?

luke layton and flora fall asleep in the carrige because when the carriges swap the molentery express wants their passangers asleep so they use flowers that make you fall asleep

How do you talk to people in their sleep?

you can hyptoniyze them to fall asleep then talk

What happens if you fall asleep with your shoes on at a house party?

people can do whatever they want and if you fall asleep at a house party with your shoes on its giving people a free pass to violate you

Girls how can you get a girl to let you smell her feet?

make her fall asleep.

How do you make people fall asleep using the character Jigglypuff on Super Smash Bros Melee vs mode?

use the move sleep