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Q: How do you make someone fall asleep instantly?
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How do you make sleeping potions?

you cant really make sleeping potions. you can make someone (or yourself) fall asleep by watching a really boring boring movie late at night and you will fall asleep :)

How do you make somebody fall asleep by grabbing there thumb?

You cannot make someone fall asleep with pressure points. You may be able to knock someone out with a pressure point but that is not the reason to even try to use them.

How do you make someone fall asleep by grabbing their shoulder?

Its not actually the shoulder your grabbing. You grab underneath the acromial (clavicle bone) and there is a pressure point there. You can press it hard enough so they pass out but not fall asleep.

How do you make people fall asleep?


How do you make a rabbit fall asleep?

some people think if u fold the ears then twist them it'll make them fall asleep. but I've never tried it

Can you give someone something to make them fall asleep so they wont wake up if moved?

rufilin or drown them with a chloroform rag

What is a song that make you fall asleep?

Anything Coldplay.

Does honey make you fall asleep?

No, No, Most defenitly not.

Why does Professor Layton Luke and Flora fall asleep in the carriage near the bridge on Diabolical Box?

luke layton and flora fall asleep in the carrige because when the carriges swap the molentery express wants their passangers asleep so they use flowers that make you fall asleep

What do you push on the neck to make someone fall asleep?

hi I'm lynn and I love KB and selena Gomez call me at 727-365-3239

Girls how can you get a girl to let you smell her feet?

make her fall asleep.

How do you make you arm fall asleep fast?

hit them in the chin or the back of the head or sleeping pills