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There is a coverage on most homeowners policies that is called "Pysical Damage to Property of Others". So, since you neighbor caused physical damage to your property, this would be the logical place to start. If this is not available, then the Liability coverage [portion of his policy would cover the damage.

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Q: Does homeowners insurance cover a window cracked by a rock thrown by your neighbor's lawnmower?
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Does homeowners insurance cover a window cracked by a rock thrown by your own lawnmower?

It should, but you need to check your policy. It may be cheaper just to replace it yourself.

Will homeowners insurance pay for cracked slab in home?

Depends on the cause. Typically settling and sink hole is not covered under a homeowners policy.

Does homeowners insurance cover cracked and broken front steps on your house?

No. It's considered wear & tear.

Does homeowners insurance cover cracked basement walls?

Settlement cracks and cracks from ground shifting are not covered.

Will homeowners insurance cover a cracked foundation caused by an earthquake?

Only if you have earthquake coverage. A regular homeowners policy excludes damage caused by ground movement or earthquakes.

A branch on a large tree cracked if it fell on the house it would have demolished part of the pella sunroom on my house. I paid 3000 to have the tree removed. Does homeowners insurance cover this?

No, Homeowners insurance does not cover the cost of property maintenance.

Does homeowners insurance cover cracked drive ways?

Not Likely, Home Owners insurance piolicies typically exclude coverage for concrete structures such as Sidewalks, Patios and Driveways.

Does homeowners insurance cover a LCD TV that is cracked due to a toy being thrown at it?

Depends on your insurance contract. Some companies would cover that incident, some wouldn't.

If the house that you bought 3 months ago has a cracked shower stall is it covered on the homeowners insurance?

Generally It all depends on the cause of loss.

Will homeowners insurance cover a cracked foundation?

My sister recently had a cracked slab. Her insurance did not cover it, but the builder's insurance did. Builder's insurance is usually 10 years, so I guess it would depend on the age of your home. I would also find out the cause of the crack and weather or not there is product liability insurance involved. There are numerous variables that can cause a liability situation to an insurance company or insured. I would call a contractor to find out the cause of the crack.

Will homeowners insurance cover slab that has settled and cracked to the extent it has pulled away from the house?

It depends on the specific perils and exclusions of your policy. But generally speaking most insurance policies exclude any damaged caused by settling or earth movement.

Does homeowners ins cover replacement of driveway?

Most Home Insurance Policies do not provide coverage for cracked or broken concrete structures such as sidewalks, patios and driveways as this is considered normal wear and tear. You should contact your Insurance Agent for clarification.