Does Brock loves Misty

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Q: Does Brock loves Misty
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In Pokemon do Ash and MIsty love each other?

Yes, MIsty loves Ash. MIsty belongs to Ash. Remember in the Pokemon episode "Heartbreak of Brock" MIsty said to Ash "someday you and I will be married". You know that Misty and Brock are Ash's good friends along with his Pikachu.

Is Misty Pikachu?

no....Misty is not a pokemon....She's the friend of Ash and Brock

Does brock like misty from pokemon?

Ash likes misty and Brock likes every Nurse and Officer, and at the end, has that Asian chick as a gf.

Can brock and misty join you in pokemon?

No,but you can battle them because they are gym leaders. In the classic pokemon show, Ash,Misty,and Brock had a journey together.

In Pokemon is Misty in love with anyone?

It is not really confirmed by anyone that works with the show. But many fans say she is in love with Ash (Pokéshhipping). Then again, some say Brock (Gymshipping), Tracey (Orangeshipping), and various others. But the most popular out of these is Ash/Misty. Misty loves Tracey!

Should ash marry misty?

no brock should nope ash SHOULD marry misty

Does brock like misty?

As a friend, but not romantically

How old are ash misty and brock?

14 16 18

Where is misty after you beat brock in Pokemon Yellow?

cerulean city.good day sir

Where is the gym leader after brock?

The next gym leader is Misty in Cerulean city

Does ash ever kiss may misty or dawn?

no, but he does kiss brock in episode 343

Who plays Brock and Ash and Misty in Pokemon?

Your question is about their voices? See the attached links.