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Q: Who is the pale young gentleman?
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Who is the pale young gentleman in Great Expectations?

The "pale young gentleman" is Herbert Pocket, though Pip doesn't know it at the time.

Who was pips room mate London?

Herbert Pocket, the "pale young gentleman" he originally encountered at Miss Havisham's when they were both young and had a fist fight.

Why doesn't pip enjoy the victory over the pale gentlemen?

Pip worries about his victory over the pale gentleman because he knows that he should not have picked a fight with a gentleman. He believes that the law will eventually punish him for being so disrespectful. The pale gentleman, named Herbert Pocket, later becomes friends with Pip once Pip comes into money.

Who does Pip trust enough to tell everything even the story of the fight with the pale gentleman?


Who was Shakespeare first 126 sonnets about?

A young gentleman.

Who was the young girl in pale rider?

Meagan Wheeler

What has the author Young gentleman written?

Young gentleman. has written: 'The character of the beaux, in five parts ..' -- subject(s): Anecdotes, Dandies, Characters and characteristics, Jacobites 'The merry wives of Douglas' 'Poems on divers subjects' 'Thoughts on publick prayer, and on modern infidelity. By a young gentleman' 'The happy marriage; or, the turn of fortune'

What chapter does Pip fight the pale young gentlemen?


According to the story, which of these statements is a factPip lived with Miss Havisham.Pip had complete confidence in Estella.Miss Havisham did not pay Pip for his services to her each time he came.Pip lost the fight with the pale young gentleman?

Miss Havisham did not pay Pip for his services to her each time he came.

Who is pips wife in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens?

the young pale gentleman or Herbert Pocket

Describe the incident involving Pip and the young gentleman in miss havisham?

Herbert Pocket is a member of the Pocket family, Miss Havisham's presumed heirs, whom Pip first meets as a "pale young gentleman" who challenges Pip to a fist fight at Miss Havisham's house when both are children. He is the son of Matthew Pocket, Pip's tutor in the "gentlemanly" arts, and shares his apartment with Pip in London, becoming Pip's fast friend who is there to share Pip's happiness as well as his troubles.

What has the author J B McMahon written?

J. B. McMahon has written: 'Dialogue between a young gentleman and a divine' -- subject(s): God, Omnipotence, Proof 'Dialogue between a young gentleman and a divine'