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John Russell played Stockburn in Pale Rider.

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Q: Who played stockburn in pale rider?
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What is the duration of Pale Rider?

The duration of Pale Rider is 1.93 hours.

When was Pale Rider released?

Pale Rider was released on 06/28/1985.

When was Pale Rider created?

Pale Rider was created on 1985-06-26.

Where did the preacher get the bullet holes from in the movie Pale Rider?

According to the plot, he had been shot and left for dead some years earlier. It is also curious that the bullet hole patterns, seen by Barrett when he washes up, appear to match the bullet holes he shoots in Stockburn, the head of the hired guns. It may be assumed that Preacher survived the wounds, although the pattern would not indicate it. But after Preacher shoot Stockburn with the same apparent wounds, he finishes him off with a shot to the head - maybe to make sure Stockburn does not survive. One other theory on the Eastwoods westerns that go along with the "Pale Rider", one of the four horsemen of the apocolypse, his "Man with No name" and "High Plains Drifter" also seemed to be post death characters. Perhaps there is another western Eastwood did that would round out to four - to match with the four riders of the apocolypse?

How much money did Pale Rider gross worldwide?

Pale Rider grossed $41,410,568 worldwide.

How much money did Pale Rider gross domestically?

Pale Rider grossed $41,410,568 in the domestic market.

What has the author Hilary Elizabeth Stockburn written?

Hilary Elizabeth Stockburn has written: 'Elastane fibres and their use in clothing'

What is the name of the town in Pale Rider?

Lahood, California

What is the breed of horse in Pale Rider?

horsey breed

What is the pale rider in the moonlight?

Something, something, Batman.

Who was the young girl in pale rider?

Meagan Wheeler

Who composed pale horse and his rider?

hank Williams sing it