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(Edward Cullen is played by Robert Pattinson in the movie)

Yes! he had to put up makeup to look so pale

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Q: Did Edward Cullen have white makeup on to be so pale?
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What color is Edward Cullen's hair in twilight?

He is pale white in color with a marble skin as hard as stone. He also sparkles when his skin comes in contact with direct sun.

Who are the people who play renessme Cullen?

Renessme Cullen is the biological child of Bella and Edward. She is unusual because Bella was pregnate during her human years. That makes her half vampire and half human. She has a heart and blood but yet she perfers to drink blood. She flipped Edward's powers because he could read peoples minds and people could read her's. If you did not meet Renessme yet, you will meet her at the end of the Jacob part or the 2nd Bella part of Breaking Dawn. Sadly enough, the werewolf joacb black imprints on her, when he is trying to kill her. renessme has light brown curly hair and brown eyes.she has warm pale white skin.

What did edward Tudor look like?

Red headed , grey eyes, pale skin

Why are the faces of Bella and edward in twilight so pale?

In the movie, it is really dark. Maybe it's just because of the light which is reflecting. Or it's her natural skin tone. Besides, the Cullens' skin tones are much more paler. Because that's how Stephenie Meyer wanted Bella's skin to be.

What is something Bella told Edward she noticed about him?

Bella: "You're impossibly fast. And strong. Your skin is...pale white, and ice cold. Your eyes change color...and sometimes you speak like - like you're from a different time. You never eat or drink anything, you don't go into the sunlight. How old are you?" Edward: "Seventeen." Bella: "How long have you been seventeen?" Edward: "... a while." Bella: "I know what you are." Edward: "Say it...out loud. Say it." Bella: "Vampire." Edward: "Are you afraid?" Bella: "No."

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How did they pale Robert Pattinsons skin in twilight?

In the Twilight movies, makeup artists used a combination of white foundation, powder, and special lighting techniques to make Robert Pattinson's skin appear pale to fit his vampire character, Edward Cullen. These techniques helped create the desired supernatural and otherworldly look for the character.

What is Edward Cullen's favorite Colour?

probably either pink or very pale blue

Who does Edward Cullens makeup?

Edward Cullen's makeup in the Twilight movie series was done by the makeup department of the film production. Lead makeup artist Jean Ann Black and her team were responsible for creating Edward's vampire look, including his pale complexion and defined features.

Who's fitter Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?

Jacob da edward is a weak pale blood sucking ugly freak

How do you describe Edward Cullen?

Beautiful, Pale, Icy, Gentle, Good Kisser, Loveable, Loyal, Mature

How do you edit as Edward Cullen pale faces?

you dont edit them you put on TONS TONS AND TONS of make-up!!!!

What does Edward look like?

Edward is described as having bronze hair, pale skin, and golden brown eyes. He is tall and lean with a striking appearance.

What is the description in twilight of the Cullen's?

the cullen's are described as having very white, pale skin and as people that keep to themselves. they are also described as being very beautiful.

How do you get pale-white?

If you blood rushes from your head, then you lose your rose-coloured skin and get a pale witish type of look. Or you may use makeup to achieve this goal.

Describe the characters in Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer?

The Characters in Eclipse are... Riley- Pale white skin, short blonde hair, like a lean muscular look and tall. He was about 17 when he was changed. Bree- Pale white skin, long brunette hair, thin, and Unnaturally beautiful. She was about 15 when she was changed. Alice Cullen- Short, thin with pale white skin. Short Black pixied, spiked hair. Unnaturally beautiful. She was about 18 when she was changed. Edward Cullen- Pale white skin, bronze messy/ wind blown hair, Golden eyes like a lean but muscular build. He was 17 when he was changed. Emmett Cullen- Huge! Tall, Built body... Brown curly hair, golden eyes. and was about 20 when he was changed Carlisle Cullen- He has pale white skin. gold eyes with dark circles underneath them. He was tall with blonde hair. He was about 24 when he was changed. Esme Cullen- She has pale white skin, Carmel colored hair, gold eyes. She had a heart shaped face that looked like a mother's. She was about 26 when she was changed. Rosalie Hale- She has pale white skin, gold eyes. She's very tall, with long wavy blonde hair... Basically A model. She was about 18 when she was changed. Jasper Hale- Pale white skin, dirty blonde hair. He's built like a soldier. He was about 17 when he was changes Quileute Men- Indians, tall and muscular. They can shape-shift into werewolves. The Volturi- A power full army of Vampires that are like royalty.

Did Stephenie Meyer picture Edward Cullen?

Yes, author Stephenie Meyer has stated that she had a clear mental image of Edward Cullen when writing the "Twilight" book series. She has described him as having bronze-colored hair, pale skin, and a strikingly beautiful appearance.

How do you look pale without makeup no makeup at all?

zero sun !