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Not all girls bleed... It really just deepends on the girl, if your hymen is already broken then probably not

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Q: Do all girls bleed the first time?
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How often do you bleed when you first start your period?

yes you bleed somtimes ut all depends on you cause all girls are diffrent i blend but you wont bleed as much

Why do i bleed before intercourse?

Many boys and girls are concerned that it will hurt the first time they have sexual intercourse. It can hurt and some girls do bleed a little bit. The bleeding usually occurs because the girl has a hymen which breaks the first time she has sexual intercourse. The hymen is a small piece of thin skin which goes across the opening of the vagina and protects it when she is young. It has some gaps in it where the blood can come out when she has her period. Sometimes a girl might already have broken her hymen without knowing about it. For example, this can happen as a result of playing sports or horse riding.

Female bleeding a day after first time intercouse?

females bleebing after their fist time of sexual intercourse can be quite common. the reason for this is because when a girl first has sex her hymen (cherry) pops this is a thin layer of skin/flesh, this is what courses her to bleed. (note. not all girls bleed because hymen is to thin or have masterbated or been given oral sex which has already popped it)

Do all girls bleed when there cherry gets popped?

Not always, Every girl is different.

Do all virgin girls bleed during first time sex?

Not all virgin girls experience bleeding during their first time having sex. Bleeding can occur due to the breaking of the hymen, a thin membrane at the entrance of the vagina, but the presence or absence of bleeding does not determine a person's virginity. Some girls may not have a visible hymen or may have already stretched it through activities like exercise.

Do all girls have hymen?

i believe all girls do have hymen but not all of them bleed during sexual intercourse . if you don't bleed that does not signify that you are not a virgin. some girls don't play sports but they lose it some how in another way without sexual intercourse. do don't have to know that you lose it.

Will a virgin bleed the first time how?

A virgin will bleed during sexual intercourse unless her hymen is already penetrated. If the hymen is not penetrated the girl may bleed and have discomfort but it will not at all be alot of blood. the pain will go away eventually after the hymen is penetrated.

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