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yes you bleed somtimes ut all depends on you cause all girls are diffrent i blend but you wont bleed as much

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2011-02-08 01:52:24
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Q: How often do you bleed when you first start your period?
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How does the period start in a girl?

First you grow hair on the Regina then you start to bleed and I don't know more

Can you get pregnant if you are 12 years old and you have never have a period?

Before you start to bleed you ovulate so yes, you can get pregnant before you start to bleed. You will not know if you are in your period before you bleed.

You bleed 7days What is your cycle?

Your cycle is from the start of your period to the start of your period. (have alook it the lik below)

How long after getting off birth control does it take to start your period?

You will experience a withdrawal bleed first and your period will arrive 4+weeks after this.

How can you tell if your dog in heat?

Yeah, She will start her period and bleed

Is it OK if you bleed on your first day of your period and it stops for awhile on the first day?

yes because when youre on your period you dont bleed constantly it starts and stops but dont take your pad off because you will start bleeding again and it may get on you clothes

Why do you bleed after sex if it's not the first time?

One reason might be that youre about to start your period. This has happened to me a few times.

What are signs of your period?

you start to bleed as the uterus lining breaks down.

Why did you bleed between periods?

Because you are prone to it once you start your period.

Why do you bleed in puberty?

By bleed I assume you mean start your period? This happens when your menstrual cycle begins producing eggs that need to be fertilized by sperm, when you have your period it slightly splits the lining of your vagina causing it to bleed.

How often do you bleed when having your period?

Depends when you first start it can go 7+ days, but as you get older that may get less. The pill will also make periods lighter. I was on the pill for many years and it got to 2-3 days tops a month.

Why do dogs start to bleed after they have diarrhea?

Cuz they scrtch the inside or medical problem or on their period

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