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females bleebing after their fist time of sexual intercourse can be quite common. the reason for this is because when a girl first has sex her hymen (cherry) pops this is a thin layer of skin/flesh, this is what courses her to bleed. (note. not all girls bleed because hymen is to thin or have masterbated or been given oral sex which has already popped it)

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Q: Female bleeding a day after first time intercouse?
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Is bleeding normal if it not your first time?

it depends on where the bleeding took place but go to a doctor.

Can you see bleeding at first time intercourse?

Yes, this is common because a membrane called the hymen usually breaks at first intercourse and this leads to a slight amount of bleeding.

If its your first time and you start bleeding and he pulls out can you still get pregnant?

Yes, you can get pregnant the very first time. Use protection always.

How do you count 28 day if its your first time getting a period?

it should still be from your first bleeding day

What is a bleeding time?

A bleeding time is the amount of time it takes for bleeding to stop in a bleeding time test, a test used to assess the ability of a person's blood to clot.

What are some signs that from a young male that is around a young female dog going into heat?

Female dogs will have light bleeding before going into heat. Males will be smelling them all the time.

What if you've never had a period and you think it might be your first time what are some symptoms?

Well, you'll probably be bleeding. Well, you'll probably be bleeding.

When your bleeding on the pill but it's not time to take the green pills and it's only your second month of the pill?

Unscheduled bleeding is common in the first three months of the pill. It gets better with time. Continue taking the pill as scheduled regardless of bleeding.

Why after first time mating my female she is bleeding?

Most of them don't. But some women have a fold of skin that restricts the size of the opening, and this fold might tear a little during intercourse.

What is ment by virginal bleeding?

Virginal bleeding refers to bleeding that occurs when a woman or girl starts her menstrual cycle for the first time, commonly known as menarche. This bleeding is a normal part of puberty and indicates the beginning of a woman's reproductive years.

Can a female dog get pregnant while she is bleeding?

Yes, that's the time they are usually introduced to the male for breeding.

When is the right time to intercourse when taking clomiphene citrate?

Have intercouse on days 12,14,16,18 and 20 This will be whats call you sticky days and fertility days.