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A virgin will bleed during sexual intercourse unless her hymen is already penetrated. If the hymen is not penetrated the girl may bleed and have discomfort but it will not at all be alot of blood. the pain will go away eventually after the hymen is penetrated.

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Q: Will a virgin bleed the first time how?
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When a virgin has sex for the first time does she always bleed?

Not always.

Will a virgin girl bleed?

On most girls, they do bleed a little bit when it's their first time.

You didn't bleed does that mean im a virgin?

Not everyone bleeds the first time. If you've had intercourse you are no longer a virgin.

My girl frd was a virgin and she dosent bleed after her first sex why?

Most women don't bleed their first time, that is a myth. Only 20% do. She is perfectly normal.

How long it takes time to bleed After first intercourse of a virgin girl?

immediately after the intercourse dear.

What does in mean to pop a girls cherry?

To be the first to make her bleed- virgin

Do girls bleed every time they have a period and is she a virgin?

Yes, they always bleed when they have a period. Virginity has no relationship to the menstrual cycle.

How does a guy know if a girl is a virgin or not?

Usually the guy can tell if the girl is a virgin because if the girl hasn't had sex before, when she does do it for the first time, she might bleed a little and that is because the guy is penetrating a thin wall ..... But if the girl is very athletic sometimes the wall might rupture on its own......causing the girl not to bleed at all on the first time...

How does a guy know that a girl is a virgin if she doesn't bleed?

You really can't know for sure. A person may be a virgin and not bleed, you kind of just have to trust what they say. Generally if they are a virgin though, sex for the first couple of times will be painful. If it's not, the girl is probably not a virgin.

Does it means that because a virgin's virgina stretched but did not tear that's why she did not bleed at first sex?

It's very common for women not to bleed at first sex, don't fret about it.

What happens if you bleed and your not a virgin?

Your on your period

Is it normal for a girl to bleed for her first time?

if a girl doesn't bleed her first time that idicates that she didn't loose her virginity .

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