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Not always, Every girl is different.

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โˆ™ 2009-08-16 03:45:18
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Q: Do all girls bleed when there cherry gets popped?
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When a girl gets her cherry popped does it hurt afterwards?

It can - and usually does.

How long do you bleed when your cherry gets popped?

Whoever said, "you don't bleed" is quite a moron, because almost everyone knows you do . It is very gross, but it happens . &nd from what I'v learned after popping my cherry, and talking to my friends about how they've popped theirs, I would say its most likely going to be like your period . So approx 5 - 7 days . Although, I am only a teenager who popped my cherry at a young age, so a female adult with experience would probably be able to answer this better, but that's how I'm seeing it . I hope I helped (:

Are girls scared when their cherry gets popped?

O.K...First off crazy question, lets not say cherry popped, lets say having intercourse for the first time and see blood....and I don't think you should be scared, I mean it hurts it will be your first time but if you are ready for sex then go for

Is it possible for a girl to get her cherry popped n then get her period if she was suppose to start?

Girls don't have cherries and nothing gets popped. A girls hymen can be torn from vaginal penetration at any time, this has absolutely no relation to the menstrual cycle and has no effect on the menstrual cycle - thus her period will start when it is due, and if that happened to be after her hymen was torn then that's when it will start.

Does a boy get grossed out when he pop your cherry?

No why would he? He gets to have sex and that is what he wanted. You might not bleed and it might not hurt. It's different for everyone.

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Does a collar bone piercing bleed a lot?

when it gets pierced initially it does bleed for a couple of minutes but afterwards it will be fine

What does ponyboy tell cherry while standing in line for popcorn?

Ponyboy tells cherry the story of when Johnny gets beat up.

Why does it hurt your girl when you make love?

The girl gets hurt as her vagina is dry. You need a good amount of foreplay to get her snatch wet. Another reason is the first time you pop her cherry it will bleed if she is a virgin. there vagina is tight so she feel pain

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