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Yes. If someone hits your vehicle and the insurance company pays for the damages, they will go after the person who was At Fault for the damages paid and after they collect all the money paid out they will reimburse you for the deductible that you paid when the vehicle was repaired. The damages were paid under your uninsured motorists coverage which has at least a $250 deductible for property damage so when all the damages are recovered from the person, that will include the deductible and you will get a check back for that amount.

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Q: Can your insurance go after someone that damaged your car and get your deductible back?
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Can you get your deductible back when your auto insurance is subrogating?

Yes. In many cases your insurance company may waive your deductible if the third party's insurance company accepts liability.

Are you responsible for the deductible on the insurance of the car you hit if you do not have insurance?

If you were legally at fault, you are responsible to pay all damages to other vehicle. Even if you pay the other persons deductible, that insurance co. will come after you for total amount. The person that you gave the money to for their deductible will then have to give some of that back to insurance co., if they find out that deductible was given to him (her) by you.

How much will you have to pay to get your car back if it was totaled and the insurance company refuses to pay?

The insurance company will pay you the worth of your car minus your deductible.

What if someone hits your car and they leave the scene without exchanging information?

In this case you would use your Uninsured Motorist coverage if you have this coverage. Your UM coverage will pay for damage to your vehicle less your deductible. If later the person is found and their insurance or they personally pay for the damages then your insurance company will get reimbursed and you will also get back your deductible that you paid in you UM coverage.

Is it typical for an insurance company to require the deductible paid to them even if the accident wasn't your fault and you will be reimbursed for losses by the other driver's insurance?

I can't think of a time when the deductible is paid to the insurance company.......typcially would be paid to the repair facility, and is deducted from your settlement draft........i am assuming the following senerio: your vehicle was damaged and the other parties ins co had accepted liability, your vehicle is in the shop and you will need to pay your deductible when the repairs are complete? two thing generally happen here......some times the other carrier will go ahead and issue the deductible on your behalf then when the 'supporting documents' have arrived they will pay your insurance company back (subrogation).......or (and unfortunately mostly), your company and you (via your deductible) pay the claim, then ''at fault'' carrier pays your insurance company back including your deductible, your company then reimburses your deductible to you...another option if you haven't already got your vehicle under to allow (some times wait) for other carrier to pay entire claim......if you could give me more information perhaps i can help you more......

If you are out of state and someone hits your car it is their insurance company liable for the cost of getting your car back to your home for repair?

Not to your home no, only to a reliable shop in the area where your car was hit/damaged, usually approved by your insurance company.

What legal rights do you have when an uninsured motorist rear ends you?

If you have uninsured motorists coverage your insurance company will take the place of the other parties insurance coverage less a small deductible. They will then go after the other party to collect the amount of damages paid out plus your deductible. If and when it is all collected they will send you back your deductible. If your insurance company handles the claim for you and pays your damages you will have no further recourse as you sign over your legal rights to the insurance company under a subrigation agreement.

Can you still collect on your own insurance without paying the deductible after an accident.?

If you have collision coverage on your vehicle you can collect from your insurance company for the damages. You will not have to pay the deductible if you were determined by the insurance company to not be at fault for the accident. They then go after the other insurance company to get the money they paid you back. If you do not carry collision coverage then you need to file with other insurance company, they will then decide who was at fault for the accident if their party was at fault they then pay you for the damages to your vehicle.

How do you get a car after your vehicle is damaged?

most time if the car was in an accident and is totaled you will have to by it back from your insurance company

If someone hits your car and you have pl-pd insurance will their insurance cover your car if they were totally at fault?

Yes. eg: If you have pl/pd, the insurance won't pay for repairs for YOUR car if it is you fault, but they will pay the repairs for the other car There's the big problem of having only the required liability insurance. If you do not have comprehensive and collision, you may have to sue the at-fault driver to force his insurance carrier pay. If you have coverage of your own, you can file a claim with your agent and immediately collect the damages (less your deductible) and your company will sue his if necessary. If and when they win or receive a settlement, you will get your deductible back.

What happens when you back out and hit your other vehicle parked in the driveway?

You can pay for it yourself or file a claim with your insurance company and they will take care of it. Do realize that your premiums will go up. So do the math, if the damage is more than your deductable plus the difference in what you will pay if your insurance goes up (for 3 years worth or however long your company raises the rates after an accident), then it is worth it. You can either fix it or leave it damaged. If the damaged vehicle carries collision insurance (not just liability) you can probably have repairs made but you get to pay the deductible.

Can you make your auto insurance pay you back for loan payments you made on a car they declared totaled?

Your insurance owes you the value of the vehicle minus your deductible. If you owed the bank more than this, you are responsible for the excess.