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If they know about the accident, there should be a claim involved so it could.

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Q: Can you lose your no claims bonus if the insurance company knows you have an accident but don't claim?
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If involved in accident but not my fault will it effect my no claims bonus and insurance premium?


If a vehicle crashes into the back of me do you lose your no claims bonus?

If the driver of the vehicle who crashed into you has insurance, you would file a claim with his or her insurance company, not your own, and this should not jeopardize your no claims bonus. However, if the driver is uninsured, and you elect to seek redress from your own company, this may jeopardize the bonus. Check with your agent to be sure: policies vary from company to company and sometimes from policy to policy.

Can a car insurance company refuse to give you your no claims bonus because you owe them money?

Absolutely. Would you pay someone who owed you money. The no claims bonus is a gimmick anyway. Allstate advertises the refund of premium bonus if you don't have any claims. However, in order to get this bonus check you have to purchase an endorsement that costs you as much as the bonus could possibly be.

How long are your no claims bonus valid for after insurance has ended?

2 years

What is no claim bonus in car insurance?

You pay annual premium on your policy. So, In case of an accident or damage you don't have to pay the huge cost of repair. So what happens when you don't make any claim on your car insurance, Insurance companies reward you for your good driving skills, for not making any claims by giving you a bonus. This bonus is in the form of discount on your premium when you renew your policy. You can avail your no claim bonus even if you change your insurance company or your car! There are two cases in your no claim bonus goes away! 1. When you make a claim 2. When you don't renew your policy within 90 days of it expiring

Will using a courtesy car effect your no claims discount?

If you have a courtesy car through an insurer it is probably because you have had an accident that will affect your no claims bonus wheather you have a courtesy car or not. The only way to avoid this is to protect your no claims bonus with your insurer. Usually there is a charge for this or you have to have a full no claims bonus.

Had a accident not your fault your insurance company tell you i have to pay three hundred in excess which you wll get back but you will loose your 20 per cent no claims bonus?

Sounds like you are not including all the information. If you had an accident that was someone else's fault then their auto insurance would pay for repair of your vehicle and your insurance company would not even have to be involved. Or is this one of those not your fault accidents where no other vehicles were involved but a tree or telephone pole jumped in front of your car. That would be your fault. Some companies do offer no claims discounts that you loose no matter what the claim is which includes all claims like glass claims, deer collisions, uninsured motorists claims, etc. that normally would not affect your rate.

How long does your no claims bonus last if you let your car insurance lapse?

It depends (as always) on the company and the laws of the State, but usually no more than 60 days.

What is the most popular monthly car insurance?

The most popular company for monthly car insurance in the United Kingdom is Direct Line, who offer a no claims bonus for safe drivers and advertise regularly on the television.

What happens to your insurance after car accident?

In the UK your motor insurance ramains valid for the full term of the original policy, however when you need to renew the cost may well increase because you are deemed to be a higher risk and/or your no claims bonus will be reduced.

Does Top Dog Insurance have a sign up bonus?

Top Dog Insurance is a travel insurance company from the UK. They do currently offer a 10% off bonus when signing up with the company, though the sign-up bonus offer can change from time to time.

Can your previous car insurance company refuse to give you proof of your no claims bonus because you owe them money?

If you owe them money they don't have to give you anything until you complete your end of the deal