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Q: How long are your no claims bonus valid for after insurance has ended?
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What happens to your insurance after car accident?

In the UK your motor insurance ramains valid for the full term of the original policy, however when you need to renew the cost may well increase because you are deemed to be a higher risk and/or your no claims bonus will be reduced.

No claims discount from India valid in UK?

You'll have to ask your insurance company. They all have different rules.

Can an insurance provider drop your daughter from the policy and then request reimbursement for payouts made on her behalf?

Yes, if she did not have valid coverage at the time the claims were submitted.

What insurance company is liable if a pedestrain is hit by a car?

The driver who hit the pedestrian is liable, not their insurance company. The drivers insurance company will normally be responsible for payment of valid claims up to the policy limits for which the their insured driver is found liable.

What is the answer to the December 15 2010 Wheel of Fortune bonus or final puzzle?

The Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzle is Valid Option.

Is car insurance still valid when the insured dies?

Is car insurance still valid on a persons car if the insured person has died

What was the Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzle for June 8 2012?

Valid Excuse was the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzle for June 8 2012

Is this a valid insurance number ZAMTP6769023?

umm.. Why?

Can you find out if someone has valid car insurance?


How do I find out if an old insurance policy is valid?

Contact the vendor of the insurance policy. There will be an address on the policy, and if the address is no longer valid search for the company name in Google.

What is Optus rev up bonus?

Optus Rev Up Bonus is valid for 14 days from application. The bonus credits can be used for standard talk and or/text to any mobile phone irrespective of the Australian network.

Where can one find a valid comparison of insurance policies?

Valid comparisons of insurance policies is best found by personally meeting with an insurance agent. The insurance agent is most knowledgeable in different policies and can tailor the policies for the specific needs of the consumer.