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Is car insurance still valid on a persons car if the insured person has died

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Q: Is car insurance still valid when the insured dies?
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Can you still collect on an insurance claim if the person you are sueing dies?

Yes, If the policy was active at the time of the loss then coverage is still valid and not affected by the death of the insured.

If the insured dies but was still in the process of changing his beneficiary from his brother to his new wife with only the signature of the insured missing who of the two benefits?

The majority of legal documents are not valid unless they have been signed and witnessed in the prescribed manner. The validity of original or amended insurance policies are usually decided by the policy issuer.

If a beneficiary of a life insurance policy dies before the insured what happens to the money once the insured dies?

Goes to the beneficiaries heir's or estate.

Which type of insurance coverage will not pay benefits for the death of the insured due to an illness-?

The accidental death insurance does not pay in case the insured dies due to illness.

What happens to insurance when beneficiary dies before insured person?

generally nothing. Insured person can name another beneficiary.

What is contingent owner on life insurance policy?

The new owner of a life insurance policy if the original owner dies before the insured.

What happens if the sole beneficiary to a life insurance policy dies after the insured dies but before the claim is processed?

The proceeds belong to the estate of the beneficiary.

Can you explain life insurance in very simple terms?

Very basically, insurance is a contract (called an insurance policy) between one party (the insurance company) and another (the insured). In the case of life insurance, it is a life that is being insured. In return for the periodic payment of money (called a premium) to the insurance company, the insurance company agrees to pay a sum of money when the insured (whose life is insured) dies. The money is generally paid to the person (or sometimes an entity, such as a charity) that is designated in the insurance policy as the beneficiary. The beneficiary is designated by the insured when the insured buys the insurance but can usually be changed up until the time of death.

Does the beneficiary get paid if the insurance company did an exam on the insured prior to issuing a life insurance policy but the insured dies due to a liver cancer in the first two years?

Did the insured know he had any issues with cancer? For more info. see

Is it possible to sell a term insurance policy before the insured dies?

Yes it is. Generally the insured needs to be over 50. The older they are the higher the value. I can help you get offers. 4LifeGuild

Who receives the benefits or money from a life insurance policy upon the death of the insured?

The beneficiary designated on the policy application is the recipient. Usually, a secondary ("contingent") beneficiary is also named in the event that the primary beneficiary dies before the insured. The estate of the deceased can also be the beneficiary if it is named as such or if there are no named beneficiaries or if all of them die before the insured. In that event, the insurance proceeds become a part of the estate and are distributed according to the insured's Last Will and Testament. If the insured dies without a Will, the estate, including the insurance proceeds, pass according to state law according to the laws of intestate succession.

If a non insured driver wrecks a car trying to miss a deer on the highway and dies and the car belongs to insured person with full coverage should the insurance pay for the funeral and expenses?