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You can live with only 1, but you cannot live without kidneys.
A normal human can function with a single kidney. But to live without one requires dialysis on a regular basis.

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Can you live without a kidney as long as you do your dialysis on a regular basis you can live so if a kidney becomes available with you still be able to to the transp

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Q: Can you live without your kidneys?
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Why a person cannot live without the kidneys?

no a person cannot live without there kidneys with out medical help

Can you live with no kindeys?

I don't think you can live with NO kidneys, but you can live without one. you need your kidneys to filter liquids, so no you DO need both of them to live

How long can you live without you kidneys?

20 secords

Why cant you live without kidneys?

Your kidneys filter toxic substances out of your blood. If you didn't have kidneys, these would build up and basically poison you.

Are kidneys the most important organ in the human body?

They are as important as other organs as you can't live without them.

Does the appendix filter blood?

Yes, but your kidneys and liver filter your blood too so you can live without an appendix.

Can a person live without a bladder?

yes but you would have to walk around with a bag with urine and have a tube were the urine comes from the kidneys

How long can you live without kidneys and a liver?

It all matters how strong the person can hold life into themselves.

How long after your kidneys shut down can you live without dialysis?


How long can you live with kidney failure and no dialysis?

A person without kidneys that is not on dialysis may only live from a few days to several weeks before dying.

Could you live without both kidneys?

They could keep you alive artificially but you would be on dialisis constantly. If you were to not stay on your dialisis, then you would die.

How important is the kidneys?

you can live with one