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Q: What type of exercise literally means without oxygen?
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What is Anaerobic?

An anaerobe is an organism that grows without air. The organism can only live in oxygen-free conditions. If oxygen is present, the organism could die.

What is the term for this definition depends on energy stored in the muscles literally means without oxygen?


Is Anaerobic exercise is exercise that is with oxygen?

In aerobic exercise, the energy used comes primarily from aerobic metabolic processes which use oxygen to process the "fuel" being metabolized. This is in contrast to anaerobic exercise where the energy used comes primarily from metabolic processes that do not require separate oxygen.

What is the meaning of the aerobics?

Aerobic means exercise that requires oxygen.

Is bowling a cardio exercise?

No. It's movements are neither vigorous nor sustained enough to yield any increases in cardiovascular efficiency. .

What does the word anaerobic mean?

anaerobic means no oxygen it is the opposite of aerobic.

What effects does exercise have on Arteriovenous oxygen difference?

Arteriovenous Oxygen difference measures the amount of oxygen extracted by the tissues from blood during one trip around systemic circulation. During exercise, cells consume more oxygen, therefore, more oxygen goes from the arteries to the cells and less oxygen circulates in the veins. This means that the Arteriovenous Oxygen difference increases with exercise.

What is the opposite of Anaerobic?

anaerobic means without the presence of oxygen. the opposite is aerobic, which means with the presence of oxygen

Why is it Because fermentation takes place in the absence of oxygen it is said to be?

It is said to be anaerobic, which means "without oxygen". The opposite of "anaerobic" is "aerobic" which means requiring oxygen.

What does aerobic exercise do for our body?

Aerobic exercise improves the volume of oxygen your body can take in and use to fuel aerobic functions of your body. Activities include aerobic metabolism and cardiovascular exercise. Aerobic literally means with "air", and the most biologically important to survive is oxygen. Therefore aerobic means "with oxygen". Aerobic metabolism are activities that occurs within your body when you are at rest, like in sedentary breathing, reading, writing, watching, etc. Cardiovascular exercise are activities that can improve your maximum aerobic capacity called "V02max", and may include intense physical exercise that elevates your hear rate to at least 60% of your maximal heart rate for a prolonged period of time.

Does anaerobic respration means respiring without oxygen?


What does anaterobic mean?

Anaerobic means without oxygen.