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Marijuana stays in the system for 28 days. The amount does not change the length of time. However there are ways to cleanse the body, 2 hits could be flushed from the body in as little as 5 days if you drink lots of water. There are other home remedies as well.

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Q: You took two hits and you usually do not smoke weed How long will be in your system?
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How long will marijuana stay in your system if you took two hits and don't smoke often?


What if haven't smoke weed for all long time and you took a couple hits how long is it in your system?

To be sure wait 30 days before doing a drug test.

If you smoke once a month how long will weed stay in my system?

it stays in your system for a month no matter how much you smoke.

How long does marijuana stay in your system if you smoke every weekend?

It can stay your system for up to 30 days after your last smoke.

How long does six hits of con bud stay in your system?

how long does 6 hits of con bud stay in system

If you take 3 pulls of a marijuana joint one time and you usually dont smoke how long can it stay in your system for?

It can stay in your system for up to 30 days but if smoked as you describe it should be out of your system in one week or less.

If you smoke but don't inhale the marijuana smoke will THC still go into your system?

Yes, as long as you had it in your mouth.

How long for four puffs of weed to leave your system?

Smoke sum

How long does it take to get marijuana contact smoke to get out of your system?

I hadn't smoked for three months . I took two hits off a pipe and passed a urine test 13 days later .

How long will one hit of weed stay in system?

It usually takes 2 or 3 hits to get high. But, if you do get high.. it depends, it usually stays for about 30 minutes up to an hour. (:

Do elegant feminine women usually smoke long 120s?

If they smoke, then I imagine they do. Most elegant feminine women love the look of a long thin 120

How long will weed stay in your system if you havent smoke in 3 months and you smoke 1 bowl?

To be safe, one month.