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To be safe, one month.

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โˆ™ 2009-12-05 20:51:04
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Q: How long will weed stay in your system if you havent smoke in 3 months and you smoke 1 bowl?
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Is it bad to smoke out of an apple?

No, its a quicky bowl, and a tasty snack afterwards.

How long it will take for pot to be out of my system to pass a urine test?

well it takes a month to exit the system fully but just drink alot of water every day for about a week and pee a lot do this about a week before the test It's according to how much pot you smoke, just a one time user, then ajust a couple of days. The more you smoke the longer it takes to rid your body of the metabolites, that's what the test actually test for, not thc, but it's metabolites. My friend who no longer smokes like he used to, had stopped smoking for 3 months, smoked a bowl and passed his urine test in 3 days after smoking it. The thing is though, he was a chronic smoker at one time, took him 2 months to get clean from smoking when he did stop. Now, he just hits a small bowl maybe once every 2 or 3 months, cleans out super fast and doesn't have to worry about having to get a lot of pot out of his system. it also depends on your health, weight and metabolism. but like i said, if you smoke like once a month, you should be good in about 3-5 days at the most, whoever you are.

How is crack smoked?

From a little smoking utensil known as a pipe or bowl... dont smoke it

What happens when you smoke marijuana seeds?

Most of the time you will get a headache. Also it could pop causing the bowl to get everywhere.

Can you smoke sage to get high?

Assuming you mean the culinary spice, it will give you a mild mellow buzz for 20-30 minutes followed by a headache if you smoke more than a bowl or two.

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