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To be safe, one month.

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Q: How long will weed stay in your system if you havent smoke in 3 months and you smoke 1 bowl?
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How long does it take to get a bowl of marijuana to get out of your system?

It usually take about 2-3 months for a bowl

Can you get THC in system from hitting unlit bowl?

You can't technically hit an unlit bowl. If there was no smoke, then all you did was get a taste in your mouth for a few seconds.

Why does a bowl change color as you smoke through it?

As you smoke through a bowl, The build up of resin and the smoke itself stains the glass and changes the color of the glass.

How long will it take to pass a drug test if you smoke a bowl of kusc h weed every day for six months?

probably about 32 to 40 days.

How do you smoke hookah?

A water pipe with a smoke chamber, a bowl, a pipe & a hose.

How do you smoke marijuana resin?

Scrape it from bowl, let it sit and harden then smoke it

If you only smoke one bowl how long will that last in system?

You should be clean in twenty-four to forty-eight hours, depending on your weight.

What does it mean to burn?

smoke, usually a bowl

How many games have the raiders won since winning the super bowl in 1993?

they havent won a super bowl since the 1983 season.the game was played in 1984.

You havent smoked marijuana in almost 3 years you took one hit off a bowl how long would that stay in your system 6-2 215lbs?

Around 3 days to a week since you aren't a regular smoker it should be out of your system relatively quick

What is the best way to get high on Vyvanse?

railing it then smoke a bowl

How do you get the highest off of one joint?

Empty the joint into a a bowl and smoke it. Joints are on of the least efficient ways to smoke.