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Yes, if you have not recently had a miscarriage or given birth.

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Q: You had a hcg level test done and it was 3 is that a positive result?
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What is a positive result with the antinuclear antibody test?

If fluorescent cells are seen, the test is positive. When positive, the serum is diluted, or titered, and the test done again.

Does atripla test positive in a drug screen test?

Need to have a drug test done. But need to know if the medication atripla give a positive test result.

When is the latest a pregnancy test can be done to ensure a positive result?

for a couple of weeks after birth

What level is high for benzoylecgonine?

2 ng/mL produces a positive drug test result.

What is the typical level of THC that produces a positive result for an employment drug test?

Pretty low.

What is the positive result for sakaguchi test?

A red color is the positive result>

Amino acid give positive result to ninhydrin test?

No proline does not give a positive result to ninhydrin test.

Can hydrocidone make you test positive for meth?

Hydrocodone will not give a positive test result for methamphetamine, but it will produce a positive result on certain opioid tests.

What is a positive result for the fehlings test?

Fehlins test is done to identify aldehides. Fehlins solution is used for this test. If aldehides are added to this soluton, a red precipitate is formed.

Did gelatin give positive result with xanthoprotic test?

yes,it give positive test

Will a pregnancy test show positive if I miscarried?

A pregnancy test can show a positive result if you have miscarried. There is still enough hormone in your body to produce a positive result.

Can a home pregnancy test pick up low HCG level?

All pregnancy tests are designed a little differently and a positive result may come from a high or low level of HCG, it really depends on the manufacturer of the test. When they make the test, they determine what amounts of that hormone need to be detected to produce a positive result. Check the manufacturer's instructions.

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