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the color of a positive test results is bright green

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2012-04-04 15:50:04
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Q: What color is positive test result for glucose?
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What is the glucose test result of streptococcus faecalis?

It is positive for the metabolizing of glucose.

What is the positive result for sakaguchi test?

A red color is the positive result>

Does starch gives positive result for Benedict test?

yes starch give positive result for benedict test because it is composed of glucose molecule which is reducing sugar and change color on addition to benedict solution

Do glucose give a positive result for anthrone test?

Yes .

What indicates a positive result for the benedicts test?

Benedict’s is used to test for glucose but not for sucrose. The test involves heating the sugar with either of the chemicals and observing the color change of blue to orange.Positive is a change of blue to orange.

Would glucose give a positive result with the Biuret test?

No because glucose does not consist of two or more peptide bonds

What is the positive result for murexide test or test for purines?

A pink color must be obtained.

What is the positive test for iodoform test?

A positive test will result in the brown color of the reagent disappearing and the yellow iodoform solid precipitating out of solution.

In glucose what is the result of fehling test?

The test is positive for reducing sugars(Glucose). Green brown ppt with traces of red was formed when Fheling's solution was added to the spatula's measure of glucose in 1cm3 of water

Positive result for bial-orcinol test?

bluish color if pentose is present.

Why sucrose does not give a positive Benedict's test but hydrolyzed sucrose does give a positive beneditcts test?

Sucrose is formed from glucose and fructose.Sucrose is formed from glucose and fructose. Glucose and fructose gives positive test for benedict becuz both of them are reducing sugars whereas sucrose is not a reducing sugar so it gives negative test for benedict. On prolonged heating,sucrose will form glucose and fructose (reducing sugars)which ultimately gives a positive result .

Why is the Benedict test not exclusive to glucose?

The Benedict test will return a positive value for any reducing sugar. It will work with fructose, for example. Benedict solution oxidizes all the reducing sugars such as glucose, galactose and fructose. This implies that a positive result of Benedict's test can be any of the reducing sugars, not necessarily glucose. It will oxidize the carbonyl (which present in all type of sugar classes). So if we get a positive result in the Benedict test, it is not necessarily glucose; it could be galactose or fructose that also a reducing sugar. So Benedict test can't be used to assure glucose.

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