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If you dreamt about having a positive pregnancy test, it signifies that you are indeed pregnant.

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Q: You dreamt your pregnancy test was positive?
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If you dream of a positive pregnancy test are you pregnant?

hay u guys, ive been experiencing some stange and vivid dreams just recently and last night i dreamt that a pregnancy test came up positive on me...whats you verdict?

Is cramping a sign of pregnancy on the IUD?

No, a positive pregnancy test is the sign of pregnancy on the IUD.

Will pregnancy test still read positive after miscarriage?

Will pregnancy test still read positive after miscarriage?

Can Urinary track infection causes fake positive result of pregnancy blood test?

No, UTI does not cause a false positive pregnancy test. Pregnancy tests are very specific to hCG (the pregnancy hormone), if the test reads positive you are pregnant.

Can a positive pregnancy test turn negative?

No , but a negative test can be a false positive .

How many days ofter ovulation would a pregnancy test be positive?

After 16 days of ovulation a pregnancy test be positive.

Did a pregnancy test was positive. went to docs was negative. Doc said that the test could have shown up positive if sperm was present at the time of the test. is this true?

There is no false positive pregnancy test result. If it has ever been positive, then it is positive.

Is cvs pregnancy test positive?


What does plus sign mean on ept pregnancy test?

It means you have a positive pregnancy test.

What if your period was 3 weeks late for 2 months and then you had a positive pregnancy test?

A positive pregnancy test is an indication of pregnancy. See your health care provider.

Will a pregnancy test show positive if I miscarried?

A pregnancy test can show a positive result if you have miscarried. There is still enough hormone in your body to produce a positive result.

You have the implanon in but feel pregnant and you are bleeding a lot?

Signs of pregnancy on the implant are lack of bleeding and positive pregnancy test. Take a pregnancy test.