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Will pregnancy test still read positive after miscarriage?

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Q: Will pregnancy test still read positive after miscarriage?
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If its been a week after a miscarriage and you take a pregnancy test and it comes back positive are you be pregnant?

Not necessarily. The hormones that make a pregnancy test read positive stay in your body for a little while after a miscarriage.

How long after a chemical pregnancy will a HPT still read positive?

It depends on how long it takes for your HCG levels to drop. When I had a chemical pregnancy my numbers were dropping then rose again before finally going to 0. It took about 3 weeks.

If you have a positive pregnancy test are you actually pregnant?

Most likely yes, you are pregnant or were. I don't think a pregnancy test can read positive without HCG present and HCG is produced by pregnancy. If it is a digital pregnancy test and reads positive you are definitely pregnant. Do be aware of evaporation lines that are gray or colorless. Make sure this positive line is colored. If the positive lines are not all colored you could be seeing the evaporation line which could be misread as a positive.

Do both lines on a pregnancy test have to be dark in order to be positive?

No, they don't. If you read the instructions included in the pregnancy test box then you'll see that one line may be fainter than the other. Two lines means positive.

Are you pregnant if you have a positive hpt and the next day have a negative hpt then get your period?

Did you read the positive hpt within the test time limit (usually no more than 10 minutes after taking the test)? It could have been an evaporation line if you read the test after 10 min. If that isn't the case, then you may have had a chemical pregnancy. A chem pregnancy is when the egg is fertilized and implanted, but doesn't form properly. Basically, it ends before it even gets a chance to begin. If this is the case, I'm so sorry. It is still rough when you are trying to conceive. I've read some stats that say 50% of pregnancies end in miscarriage - most women don't even know they are pregnant because they get their period around the expected time.

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How do you know if you had miscarriage?

If you are suspicious that you may have had a miscarriage, see a doctor immediately. An over-the-counter pregnancy test could still read positive after a miscarriage.

How long will a pregnancy test read positive after a miscarriage?

the hell if i know

If its been a week after a miscarriage and you take a pregnancy test and it comes back positive are you be pregnant?

Not necessarily. The hormones that make a pregnancy test read positive stay in your body for a little while after a miscarriage.

If you take a home pregnancy test after a miscarriage would the result be negative or positive?

I guess it depends how long after a miscarriage you test. But I have read that you will remain with a positive up to nine weeks after a miscarriage... but many times not that long.

If you have had a miscarriage before can a home pregnancy test show negative and actually be positive?

Having a previous miscarriage wouldn't change the outcome of a pregnancy test. ~pawsalmighty It may actually read a positive result if you miscarried early enough before. The length depends on how long you were pregnant. This is because your hormone levels are dropping but still exist; therefor a + reading will show up.

What can cause positive test other then pregnancy?

A chemical pregnancy...which happens when the fertilized egg does not implant itself in the uterine wall but if the test is taken at the right time it will read positive. A chemical pregnancy is a very early miscarriage, usually before the woman's first expected period.

Can you have sythpoms of a miscarriage but your pregnancy test reads negative?

if the home pregnancy test reads negative then there was no pregnancy, ive had 2misscarages and all tests read positive even 2wks after. you are probably just suffering from a bad period but if it gets worse speak to your gp. hope that helps

Is it possible to test positive after a miscarry?

Yes it is very possible. Untill your hormones go back to normal a pregnancy test can still read positive. It works using hormaone readings and it will take a bit of time to read regular-but a doctor can check you and that will be a positive answer to your questions.

Is it possible to have 2 out of 3 positive pregnancy tests be false?

A false positive pregnancy test is extremely rare, so I would say no, if the tests read positive you are most likely pregnant.

How do you read pregnancy test?

if the pregnancy test reads or says positive that mena sthat you are pregnant and if it says negitative then you are not pregnant.

After miscarriage and 0 hcg Does it make it hard for pregnancy tests to read accurate?

Hello, If you have 0 HCG in your blood, and if you conceived after this then a pregnancy test would be accurate. A pregnancy test will not be accurate if you have any HCG in your blood.

What does blue mean on a pregnancy test?

It depends on what that pregnancy test uses to indicate pregnancy. Read the directions carefully to see what they use to indicate a positive or negative pregnancy test.

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