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Taking two Birth Control pills could delay menstruation, or could cause breakthrough bleeding. It's a gamble.

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Q: Will taking two pills in a day delays your menstruation?
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What day does your period begin while taking birth control is it once you stop taking the active pills or does it begin when you finish the entire pack including the inactive pills?

The first day of your period will start once you stop taking the active pills.

Will taking two birth control pills in a day stop your period sooner?

There is no guarantee that taking two birth control pills in a day will stop your period sooner. Generally speaking the only time you should take two of these pills in one day is if you forgot to take a pill the day before. Taking two pills on the same day may have no effect on your period but will reduce the effectiveness of the pill.

Can you stop taking your sugar pills before they run out?

Yes, as long as you start taking the hormone pills when you are supposed to. The sugar pills are just to keep you in the habit and make sure you start the hormone pills on the correct day. If you are stopping taking pills altogether you need not take any sugar pills at all.

When taking pills is a day 12 or 24 hours?

24 hours !

Can you delay cycle by taking birth control pills?

Yes, skip the 7 inactive pills and go straight to the next packet of pills, the day after taking the last active pill, in packet 1.

In what order do you take birth control pills and which color do you take first?

Hello - You start taking birth control pills on the last day of your period. You will have seven pills which are a different colour from the other pills. The seven different coloured pills are the "non- active or sugar pills" which you start taking after you have finished taking the active pills. The active pills are the 28+ different coloured pills from the non active ones.

Does taking two pills at once three times a day help you ovulate when your period is delayed?

No, taking birth control pills is designed to prevent ovulation, not induce ovulation.

If you just started taking birth control on a random day and is time your my menstrual cycle do you stop taking the active pills even if it your not at the inactive pills yet?

No you dont stop!!!!!

Will taking multi-vitamin pills along with omega 3-6-9 pills every day eventually harm your liver?


If you are taking one pill a day and it is not working can you start taking two?

It's unclear by what "not working" means, but birth control pills are meant to be taken one a day, and the only person who could definitively tell you to take two pills a day is your doctor.

When can you expect your period once you have started taking Orthotricyclen lo for the first time?

Hi, Your period will arrive when you finish taking the active pills or during the 7 day break from pills.

When should you start taking birth control pills in your period cycle?

Right on the first day. It will take a month before the pills will be effective.

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