What are menstruations?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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A period, or menstruation, is the shedding of the endometrium - the uterine lining. Menstruation is also known as menses. All female humans, as well as some other female mammals, have regular periods during their reproductive age. Menstruation which includes bleeding from the vagina is found mainly among humans and similar animals, such as primates. In many mammals, the endometrium is reabsorbed by the animal. As far as humans are concerned a period is a bleed from the womb (uterus) that is released through the vagina. Women have a period every 28 days approximately. However, some women may have a 24-day cycle while other may have a 35-day one. A period is part of the woman's menstrual cycle. The word "menses" comes from the Latin menses meaning "months". The word "menstruation" comes from Old French menstrual, which comes from Latinmenstrualis, meaning "monthly," especially "of or having monthly courses."

Medilexicon's medical dictionary describes menstruation as the "cyclic endometrial shedding and discharge of a bloody fluid from the uterus during the menstrual cycle of humans and primates".

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Q: What are menstruations?
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What to do during menstruation and do not do during menstruations?

do not drink cold water cuz you will get cramps , drink warm water

What is the pathophysiologic basis for the development of bacterial vaginosis?

sexual transmitted disease,water,menstruations pad etc

What happen to estrogen and progesterone levels just prior to menstruations?

Estrogen and progesterone levels begin to increase prior to mensuration.

How can you tell if your pregnant during your menstruations?

If you are actually menstruating, you are not pregnant. But sometimes the implantation of the fertilized egg causes a bit of bleeding--so if you are unsure, see a doctor ASAP!!!

What does it mean to have a period twice in a month?

Some medicine can cause the time between periods to increase or decrease. Also having two menstruations in a calendar month is usual; time of periods aren't based on calendar time.

Can a Muslim woman pray during her menstruations?

Dua And wazeefa if done verbally without touching the holy book is OK to be done even during the menstruation period. So if its something that you only have to recite then go ahead and continue it, its allowed. But you can not touch the Holy book.

What is the natural way to cope from having abnormal menstruations?

Depends on what you mean by abnormal. Is it regarding pain, how much you bleed, for how long you bleed, how often you bleed? The best thing is to see a doctor about it. It's not uncommon to be irregular in the beginning and it can take 2 years to be regular. Pain meds if you are in serious pain is most likely on prescription since only muscle relaxes work then. Often when taking pain meds the bleeding subside a little since the cramps are less.

Does lunar changes have effect on pregnancy?

The menstruation of a woman occurs in intervals of 29 days approximately. The moon phases also change in cycles of 29 days. In Chinese astrology, a woman's age is also calculated in her Lunar age, and this is counted as the number of menstruations she have had since her puberty. Chinese Lunar calender is a time table from which one could predict the gender of a baby based on the date of conception and her lunar age. This is found to be more than 80% accurate in predicting a child's gender.

How quick can you get pregnant after having a miscarriage?

miscarriage does not prevent pregnancy---although usually it takes a cycle to pass to restart your clockl good luck joymaker rn

How do you cure tube adhesion?

What are symptoms of tubal adhesion? Patients can have irregular menstruation, for patients with serious symptoms, there will be two menstruations in one month and blood clot can occur. They can feel lower abdominal pain, waist pain or pain in sex. The most apparent symptom of the disease is infertility in women, so after a long period of sex, women still can't get pregnant, they should go to have relative checks in hospitals. It is very important to get a suitable treatment on time. What are treatments for tubal adhesion? One is western medicines. Salpingostomy, tube anastomosis, implantation of tubes, together with laparoscope, hysteroscope, naturopathy or drugs been injected in uterus. The other is tcm. There is a good choice, that is fu yan pill, just like food we eat, it is green and safe definitely, with no pain, wound or side effect, patients can be cured within several months usually.