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Hello - You start taking Birth Control pills on the last day of your period. You will have seven pills which are a different colour from the other pills. The seven different coloured pills are the "non- active or sugar pills" which you start taking after you have finished taking the active pills. The active pills are the 28+ different coloured pills from the non active ones.

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Q: In what order do you take birth control pills and which color do you take first?
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What does a teenage girl have to do in order to get birth control?

In order to get birth control, you need to visit your doctor/gynecologist. Or if you would like it to be confidential about getting birth control pills you can make an appointment at Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood specializes in birth control as well! When you go, you want to tell them that you would like to begin birth control to stay protected from pregnancy, and they will guide the way.

What is a 100 percent effective birth control?

In order to be 99.9% proteced from pregnancy while on birth control, you must properly take your birth control.If you are using birth control pills, you must take your birth control every day and at the same time everyday to remain 99.9% protected from pregnancy.

What happens if you dont use an condom on the first month of birth control?

There is a good chance of getting pregnant since your system needs to adapt to the effects of birth control and therefore it's best to take any preventative methods in order to reduce the chance of pregnancy

Is a checkup needed in the doctors office in order to acquire birth control?

ussually a physical

Is there a way to stop your cycle in order to go on vacation... without birth control?

No, unfortunately.

Do you need to take birth control pills everyday?

In order for the birth control pill to effectively prevent pregnancy, you need to take it every day. You can't take it only when you have sex.

How Can you Get Birth Control without your parents knowing?

You can keep confidential the use birth control pills, you need to buy birth control pills from OnlineDrugPills online medical store which keeps your identity private. You can order birth control pills from here at best prices. The best plan b pill is available online to stop your unplanned pregnancy.

What was Alfred Alder's birth order to his family?

First born

Can birth control increase your chances of becoming pregnant?

I've seen this question around and I have already answered it once today and I wonder where this comes from. Of course birth control does not make it easier to get pregnant! Birth control prevents ovulation and you can not get pregnant without a egg. in order to get pregnant you have to quit using any type of birth control. And yes, birth control is not 100% effective but not using it is 0% effective. It never helps you getpregnant!

What is meant by patch birth control?

Patch birth control means using a small patch that sticks to one's skin in order to prevent one from becoming pregnant. It is similar in size to a nicotine patch.

What do you need to buy birth control pills?

In order to buy birth control pills you must go to a health care provider, for example; Planned Parenthood, and speak to them about starting birth control. A nurse will will discuss with you options and get your weight, height, blood pressure and other vitals and tests. They'll give you information to help you decide what method might be best for your. In the US, you can only get birth control through a prescription.

Is it normal to start your period early during the first month of taking birth control?

Yes, this is completely normal. On hormonal birth control you don't menstruate full-stop because the purpose of the hormonal birth control is to suppress your menstrual cycles in order to stop ovulation - the bleeding women experience on hormonal birth control like the pill is a known as a withdrawal bleed, it's caused by the drop in synthetic hormones when you go from active to inactive pills. It's normal to experience irregular bleeding for the first three months on any new form of hormonal birth control while your body adjusts to going from a normal menstrual cycle to this new pattern of bleeding - if it lasts longer than three months, talk to your doctor.

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