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Hello - You start taking Birth Control pills on the last day of your period. You will have seven pills which are a different colour from the other pills. The seven different coloured pills are the "non- active or sugar pills" which you start taking after you have finished taking the active pills. The active pills are the 28+ different coloured pills from the non active ones.

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Q: In what order do you take birth control pills and which color do you take first?
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Do you need to take birth control before sleeping pills?

You can take a birth control pill before, with, or after a sleeping pill. The order doesn't matter unless the sleeping pill makes you forget your birth control.

Which form of birth control is 100 percent effective?

In order to be 99.9% proteced from pregnancy while on birth control, you must properly take your birth control.If you are using birth control pills, you must take your birth control every day and at the same time everyday to remain 99.9% protected from pregnancy.

Is Ginette 35 an effective birth control?

Yes, Ginette 35 is an effective birth control. It is considered to be a contraception and in order for it to work properly, you must take the pill daily.

If you take birth control at night is it still as effective as taking it in the day?

Yes, the birth control pill will be effective at any time that you choose that is convenient for you. However, you must take your birth control pills everyday at the same time in order for it to remain effective.

Is a checkup needed in the doctors office in order to acquire birth control?

ussually a physical

Is there a way to stop your cycle in order to go on vacation... without birth control?

No, unfortunately.

What happens if you dont use an condom on the first month of birth control?

If you have sex without using some kind of birth control, then you'll get pregnant. It doesn't happen EVERY time, but if you continue to have sex without using some form of birth control, you WILL get pregnant. Use a condom. Every time, until you WANT to get pregnant.

What is meant by patch birth control?

Patch birth control means using a small patch that sticks to one's skin in order to prevent one from becoming pregnant. It is similar in size to a nicotine patch.

What was Alfred Alder's birth order to his family?

First born

If you take a half of pack of birth control will it interrupt your monthly period?

It may possibly effect when you will get your period and/or you may experience spotting or breakthrough bleeding. If you only took a half of a pack of birth control pills and discontinued, you are at risk of becoming pregnant.You half to completely finish the pack of pills and take the birth control everyday at the same time in order for the birth control to remain effective.

What happens when taking birth control backwards on one of the weeks in between?

If your pills are all the same dose of hormones for each day, then nothing. If you have a type of pill where different weeks have different doses of hormones, then you will need to use another form of birth control (while continuing to take your birth control pills in the right order) for this month, as there is a chance that you may ovulate that month. You do not want to take your placebo pills (the pills you take for 1 week when you are supposed to have your period) during the middle of your birth control pill cycle, as those pills offer no birth control protection. If that was the case, then you may get a surprise period in the middle of your cycle, and you will need to use another form of birth control in order to prevent pregnancy.

Should I take my orange birth control pills if I've already bled this month not on them?

You should take your birth control pills in order and on schedule regardless of bleeding. If you have questions about your bleeding, call the prescriber, but keep taking the pills.