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Yes, Ginette 35 is an effective Birth Control. It is considered to be a contraception and in order for it to work properly, you must take the pill daily.

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Q: Is Ginette 35 an effective birth control?
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What is the actual difference between Minerva 35 Diane 35 and Ginette contraceptive pills?

Ginette, Minerva 35, and Diane 35 have the same active ingredients at the same strength.

Is krimson 35 a birth control pill?

yes..its a birth control pill.

Is krimson35 a birth control pill?

Yes, Krimson 35 if a birth control pill

Is Diane 35 a birth control pill?

Yes, Diane 35 is a birth control pill. It can be used for other purposes as well, such as decreasing cramping or bleeding with periods.

What type of birth control pill is Trinessa?

Trinessa is a triphasic birth control pill with 35 mcg of estrogen.

What did they do about birth control 35 years ago?

35 years ago was smack in the middle of the 1970's, the sexual revolution had been in full swing for over a decade and woman had access to Birth Control Pills for years. Pills, diaphragms, condoms and IUDs were readily available as birth control.

What birth control pills start with the letter Z?

Zovia is a birth control pill that starts with the letter "Z." It is a generic for Ortho Novum 1/35.

Can you take Zylene while taking birth control pills?

yes, see this article:

Will you know when you reach menopause if you are on birth control pills?

The birth control pills should not be used after the age of forty. Most of the gynaecologist will not advice the same after 35 years of age.

Will Zylene cause breakthrough bleeding if you are on birth control?

Yes, see this short article on just that subject

What happens if you smoke while being on birth control?

No, birth control is not less effective if you smoke. Some methods can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke, although the risk is still lower from being on birth control than if you got pregnant and delivered a baby. If you smoke, your risk of heart attack or stroke are already increased, so hormonal birth control containing estrogenc can increase the risk even more. But it makes sense to talk with your health care provider about your particular risk factors, as every woman is different.

Can you start the pill at age 35?

Yes, you can start the pill at age 35. It will be important to discuss with your health care provider the relative risks and benefits of various methods of birth control available to you. If you're a smoker, starting the combination pill at 35 is contraindicated.