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Trinessa is a triphasic Birth Control pill with 35 mcg of estrogen.

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Q: What type of birth control pill is Trinessa?
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What type of pill is cerazette?

Cerazette is a progestin-only birth control pill.Cerazette is an estrogen-free, progestogen-only oral contraceptive pill (BCP).

What type of birth control pill is Quasense?

Quasense is a low-dose, monophasic, extended-cycle combination birth control pill. It's similar to Seasonale and Seasonique.

Where can you get the birth control pill?

Go to a clinic, hospital, or gynocologist and they will usually always have information and advice to figure out what is the best type of pill for you.

What is it norethindrone used for?

Norethindrone is an oral contraceptive, a type of birth control pill. The pill contains progestrin and is used to prevent pregnancy.

Can birth control pills cause nausea dizzy spells and fatigue?

Yes, hormonal birth control has a major effect on the body as a whole so birth control pills can cause a wide range of symptoms - including nausea, fatigue, and dizzy spells. If you suspect your pill is causing these side-effects stop using the pill and talk to your doctor about finding another brand of pill, type of pill, or another birth control method.

You took a birth control pill by mistake will it mess my period up?

If you took your birth control pills late, it is very likely that your cycle will be disrupted, however, I would still be aware of my body and do a pregnancy test.

Should you eat before taking the birth control pill?

Well it really depends on your body type, and what kind of birth control pills you are on, are you feeling nausea if so i have had the same type of issue and i had visited my gynocologist who had told me to eat an hour before or an hour after taking the pill.

Did Margaret Sanger create a new type of birth control?

No, Margaret Sanger did not invent any type of birth control. She learned about the diaphragm, invented in the 1800s and available in Europe, and she was instrumental in importing it to the US as a contraceptive option. Although Sanger did not personally create the birth control pill, she is known as the Mother of the Birth Control pill because she had throughout her career fought for education of women and their rights. She brought together a philanthropist, Katherine Dexter McCormick and biologist Gregory Pincus to develop the "birth control pill" released on the market as "Enovid" in 1960.

If I Missed my birth control pill one day took that missed pill the next morning but forgot to take again that night can you get pregnant?

No. It is only a problem if you forget to take your pill more than twice. Though if you have a problem remembering to take your pill you should think about taking another type of birth control.