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because sleep is necessary for health, without the sleep her baby may not be as healthy

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Q: Why should a pregnant woman sleep?
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How much rest should a pregnant women need?

Pregnant woman should get good sleep. She should normally get 8 hours sleep in night. She should get 2 hours sleep in afternoon. This helps to conserve calories, apart of other advantages of the sleep.

For how many hours should a pregnant women sleep?

A pregnant woman should take adequate sleep. A nap after lunch is generally advised to her. She is advised to take minimum eight hours of sleep per day, normally.

Can a pregnant woman walks regularly?

Yes, a pregnant woman should exercise regularly.

Does every pregnant woman gain weight?

Every pregnant woman should gain the weight.

Is it bad for a pregnant woman to sleep on a mattress on the floor?"

Should woman sleep with No bra on?


Should pregnant women take sleep medication?

Pregnant women should take as few chemicals as possible.

What should pregnant woman do?

See a doctor.

What should pregnant woman limit their intake on?

A pregnant woman should not smoke or drink during pregnancy. They should also limit how much paracetamol they take as this is not advised.

Can a pregnant woman drink boones farm?

No. A pregnant woman should never drink any type of alcohol.

Is it healthy for a pregnant woman to work graveyard?

If you are getting enough sleep, it shouldn't matter at all.

Are there certain diets a pregnant woman should follow so there is not a lot of weight gain during a pregnancy?

A pregnant woman's diet should be high in nutrients and folic acids. Before starting a diet regimen, a pregnant woman should first consult her obstetrician.