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Every pregnant woman should gain the weight.

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Q: Does every pregnant woman gain weight?
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What is the minimum recommended weight gain for the obese pregnant woman?

11 lbs

How much weight should a pregnant woman gain?

25-35 pounds

Can a woman be a pregnant but her stomach is not increasing?

Every pregnancy is different not all women gain weight immediately... Some gain very little weight others gain obsessive amounts of weight.. It's best to discuss with your Dr on whether or not this is healthy for the growth of your baby.

How much weight does woman gain during pregnancy?

While pregnant, a woman shouldn't gain more than 30pounds through out the entire pregnancy.

How long does it take to gain weight when your pregnant?

Every pregnancy is different and every pregnant woman is different. It depends on your body type, your heredity, your diet, and if you have any complications due to pregnancy such as gestational diabetes. Ask your OBGYN what's right for you.

Do you gain weight faster with twins?

Yes you gain weight faster when you are pregnant with twins. pregnant with one baby attracts 25-30 pounds of weight over 9 lunar months. Research shows that twins pregnancy weight gain ranges between 35-40 pounds depending on your body. A woman gains weight easily and faster with twins pregnancy because each individual baby has it's own weight so merging the two separate weight will make a woman gain weight faster than when she is pregnant for one baby.

How much weight should a pregnant women expect to gain?

It depends on your weight before pregnancy. The average weight gain for a healthy woman of average build is between 25 and 35 lbs.

What has caused Robin Meade's weight gain?

really simple answer...she is pregnant. all women gain weight when pregnant.

Do cats lose or gain weight when they are pregnant?

Cats should gain weight

Do mothers get fat when they are pregnant?

Mothers do gain weight when they are pregnant.

If pregnant do you gain weight in the first week?


Are there certain diets a pregnant woman should follow so there is not a lot of weight gain during a pregnancy?

A pregnant woman's diet should be high in nutrients and folic acids. Before starting a diet regimen, a pregnant woman should first consult her obstetrician.

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