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A pregnant woman should take adequate sleep. A nap after lunch is generally advised to her. She is advised to take minimum eight hours of sleep per day, normally.

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2014-04-26 18:01:16
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Q: For how many hours should a pregnant women sleep?
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How much rest should a pregnant women need?

Pregnant woman should get good sleep. She should normally get 8 hours sleep in night. She should get 2 hours sleep in afternoon. This helps to conserve calories, apart of other advantages of the sleep.

Should pregnant women take sleep medication?

Pregnant women should take as few chemicals as possible.

What was thalidomide developed for?

For pregnant women to sleep better

Do pregnant women sleep at night?

Yes but it can be hard sometimes

Should pregnant women avoid being in a supine position for more than 5 minutes at a time?

No. It is often necessary for pregnant women (and women not pregnant0 to lie down for much more than five minutes. When they sleep for instance.

What side is best to sleep on while pregnant?

It's recommended that pregnant women sleep on their left side to increase blood flow to the baby.

Why should pregnant women not have LASIK surgery?

pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding (vision may not be stable)

How is a pregnant women supposed to sleep?

On her sides, left side is highly recomended

Who should get an amniocentesis?

the pregnant women

Can pregnant women take the medicine sedalmerck?

It says on the package that pregnant women should not use it.

What caution should be taken by pregnant women who are taking the drug dronabinol?

The medicine's effects on pregnant women have not been studied. Women who are pregnant or who may become pregnant should check with their physicians before taking this medicine.

Should women sleep with a bra on?

if they want to

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