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Because tHc makes the internal pressure in the eye decrease and increases blood flow so the blood vessels in your eye expand and appear red.

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Q: Why does smoking marijuana make your eyes red?
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How can you get rid of red eyes after smoking marijuana?

By not smoking it

Do your eyes always get red when smoking marijuana?

Yes. Especially in lighter pigmented eyes. This is referred to as "your eyes are cashed out" or "whoa, bro, you look totally Chinese!" Sometimes people will assume this is an allergy reaction, or that you're upset, but other stones recognize the spaced out attention span and blazed retinas as a sign of camaraderie.

How does smoking marijuana affect your body?

The marijuana makes you high, and it makes you feel happy. It also makes your eyes red.

Why do eyes get red after smoking?

Marijuana (THC) causes an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. High blood pressure causes red eyes.

Can marijuana dilate your pupils?

No, but it can make your eyes red (bloodshot eyes).

What drugs make eyes puffy and red?


What are the main health risks when smoking marijuana?

I'm an expert on that. The only disadvantage I find is that your lungs tighten up over time worse that cigarettes would. And you cough up flem. It makes you look stupid in front of other people that don't smoke it.AnswerIt causes short-term memory problems (although this typically clears up once the person has quit smoking weed), and it causes lung cancer and other smoking-related diseases, just like cigarettes. Marijuana actually burns about 3x hotter than cigarettes witch would burn the hairs in your lungs faster witch will create cancerous cells to spread faster. It also coats the neurons in your brain in THC and wont allow the neurons to connect, basically saying that its going to make you dumb. And the only reason why you feel high when you smoke it is because the THC is choking your brain of oxygen as the result of the floaty goofy feeling.

What kind of red eyes you get after smoking marijuana?

They should look very blood shot and puffy, or like you're squinting.

Why do a persons eyes become after smoking marijuana?

the THC in marijuana increases your heart rate, increasing the blood flow to your eyes thus making your eyes red and blood shot. it also gives your eye color more depth.

How does marijuana make your eyes look?

It makes your eyes look very red and tired.Also,bloodshot.