How does marijuana make your eyes look?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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It makes your eyes look very red and tired.Also,bloodshot.

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Q: How does marijuana make your eyes look?
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Related questions

Can marijuana dilate your pupils?

No, but it can make your eyes red (bloodshot eyes).

What drugs make eyes puffy and red?


What physical effects of marijuana?

it makes u look stupid and u have red eyes

What does your eyes look like when your on marijuana?

BloodShot And skinty. Or just kinda hazzy.

Does mascara make your eyes look bigger?

It depends how much mascara you apply. But yes, it can make your eyes look bigger. Another way to make your eyes look larger is to use an eyeliner along the bottom of your eyes.

What do you look like after you smoke marijuana?

Watery or bloodshot eyes, vacant dreamy look, slow and absent-minded and overall dumb-assed.

Why does marijuana make your eyes low?

Because it decreases pressure in the eye and increases blood flow

Does smoking marijuana make you look older?

It can make you look tired, and you may be more apathetic about your appearance, but no, not really.

How do you make a marijuana leaf symbol?

Just by drawing it. Look up images of a marijuana leaf and copy what you see.

What do you look like when on Marijuana?

Your pupils don't get bigger.Depending on how much marijuana you smoke, if you smoke a little you will look normal, if you smoke more your eyes will get red and your eye lids will start to droop, if you smoke alot, your eyes will be blood shot red, your eyes will look barely open, they will have a huge smile on their face and will laugh at pretty much anything....even pokemonIt depends on the person. Some may get bloodshot eyes with one hit, some never look high, no matter how much they smoke.

What kind of red eyes you get after smoking marijuana?

They should look very blood shot and puffy, or like you're squinting.

Can medical marijuana be used to treat convergence insufficiency?

No. Marijuana is known to potentially decrease the accommodative amplitude of the eyes (reduce the eyes ability to focus at near). The eyes use accommodation as a way of facilitating convergence, so the lower the accommodative amplitude, the harder it is to converge the eyes. In short, using marijuana will make convergence more difficult and is therefore NOT a treatment option for convergence insufficiency; It's a condtraindication.