Does smoking spice make your eyes red?

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yes because of thc cells

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2012-06-21 09:48:00
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Q: Does smoking spice make your eyes red?
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How can you get rid of red eyes after smoking marijuana?

By not smoking it

Do your eyes always get red when smoking marijuana?


Can milk make your eyes white when your eyes are red from smoking?

no clean milk will sooth the eyes to some extent but it would be better to use an off-the-shelf eyedrop or eye moisturiser. the eyes are red as a result of the irritation from the smoke

What could someone be doing if you see their eyes are dilated and their eyes are red?

SmokinG some weeD

Why do your eyes go red when smoking weed?

The reason ones eyes turn red after they smoke cannabis is that it raises their blood pressure.

Why does weed make your eyes red?

Because THC has a drying effect draining moisture from everywhere like after smoking your mouth gets dry same with your eyes. It drys them out so veins are visible and there red so they give off a red glow

Why do eyes get red after smoking?

Marijuana (THC) causes an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. High blood pressure causes red eyes.

Can smoking after wearing patch cause red eyes?

Redness can be caused by smoking but infection is also a possibility, call your doctor to have this checked.

Why does smoking marijuana make your eyes red?

Because tHc makes the internal pressure in the eye decrease and increases blood flow so the blood vessels in your eye expand and appear red.

How can you tell if your boyfriend has been smoking marijuana?

Red eyes not trying to make eye contact... he will be slow and laugh alot and get upset when yu ask if he has smoked...

What are the sings that someone is smoking weed?

the SIGNS are red eyes, dry mouth and smelling like weed

Does smoking weed effect our eyes?

Yes. They will get a little dry and look bloodshot(red) for an hour or two.

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