Why does marijuana buds get seeds?

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After they have been fertilized all flowers produce seeds.

Marijuana 'buds' are the female flowers of the plant and if they have been fertilized then there will be seeds.

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Q: Why does marijuana buds get seeds?
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Are the leaves of marijuana as strong as the buds?

No, the leaves are not as strong as the buds.

What is marijuana made from?

Marijuana is a wild growing plant. The female plant produced buds, these buds are what we smoke to get high.

Does marijuana effect taste buds?

Marijuana in and of itself will not effect the taste buds. However, marijuana can increase your appetite, making food more appealing.

Which of marijuana plants produces buds?

Female plants will produce buds...

How do you get your marijuana plants to produce buds?

look at it

Where do you find the marijuana buds?

From a drug dealer.

Can marijuana buds be flavored?

no ppl can taste it.

The seeds develop into what and are dispersed?


Legal buds is it real marijuana or is it fake marijuana?

it is legal and alot more stronger.

Did you hear about the birdseed?

Hemp and marijuana are related plants, similar in appearance, but not the same when it comes to chemical makeup. Industrial hemp is a fibrous plant used to make rope, paper, fabric, oil products and more, but contains only minute amounts of THC. Hemp seeds are commonly used in many types of bird seed mixes. Marijuana contains high levels of THC and is used as a drug. And yes, plants have different sexes. Female marijuana plants produce buds (flowers), which contain the highest concentration of THC. And, when polinated by a male plant, those buds will develop seeds. Male plants have leaves and nodes for pollination, but do not produce buds or seeds. Their leaves do however, contain THC. Hemp is hemp, marijuana is marijuana - they are not the same plant.

How can i tell if a marijuana plant is a male?

its has bananas not buds

What makes marijuana buds grow?

The dark makes the buds grow. When the plants 'read' darkness they 'flower' aka buds grow

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