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Ganja (or weed, pot, Cannabis whatever you want to call it) Affects Everybody different, but the tiredness could just be your body relaxing and your not used to it.

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Q: Why does a person feel so tired after smoking pot?
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How can smoking pot effect your education?

Smoking pot is dangerous as it affects the brain and you will always feel drowsy, so in other words your studies will be affected.

If you are around a person smoking methamphetamine or pot can you test positive?

For pot it will not show up on a urine screen for being around someone smoking weed.

Are there any long-term health consequences of smoking pot?

Well, smoking pot can be very hazardous and harmful to the body and the brain of the person who chooses to smoke pot. However, the damages will reside in the person's body for a very long time.

Why do you pass out from smoking pot?

ummm you dont pass out from smoking pot...

How do you get someone to stop smoking pot?

You can not. They have to stop. If they don't, nove in to a better person.

Why smoking weed make you feel sleepy and happy?

Don't you dare smoke pot you Idot.

Does smoking pot make you depressed?

The answer is no. Smoking weed does not depress you. You will feel happy! but when im burnt i have sobering thoughts that can make me depressed for a little.

When was wheat introduce to the US?

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Can smoking pot and cigarettes during a miscarriage be bad for you?

Yes smoking pot and cigararettes is bad for you.

What is considered heavy pot smoking?

smoking veryday and smoking by your self

Why is smoking pot called getting stoned?

because i was smoking pot once and got hit with a stone.

Can smoking pot cause one eye to droop?

probably, smoking pot screws up everything about you

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